Every week, subscribers of Cointelegraph’s Markets Pro data analytics platform receive a detailed breakdown of the top performers of the week and the VORTECSScore indicator’s performance in tracking potential bullish and bearish developments.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest report:

  • Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) recorded a new all-time high following a strong VORTECS™ 점수.
  • Three out of ten top price movers flashed a VORTECSScore of 80 or higher before peaking.
  • NewsQuakes™ alerts gave traders an early signal for NEAR’s and RAY’s double-digit rally.
  • The all-time top VORTECSScorers’ average gains against Bitcoin (BTC) demonstrated that the greatest returns come 24 과 72 hours after assets flash scores of 80 과 90.
  • Community members shared information on interesting tokens and successful trading strategies.

AXS charts its own path to the moon

The stellar run of Axie Infinity’s AXS to a new all-time high at $155.27 also shocked many investors, and it deserves particular attention.

The asset’s whirlwind appreciation follows its growing utility in the virtual Axie Infinity universe where players breed, trade and battle nonfungible token (NFT)-based creatures called Axies to earn AXS alongside another token called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). There are now more than 1.85 million active players in the game, which marks a 4,500% increase since April 2021.

분명히, the asset has seen quite a few explosive rallies on its way to the current valuation. The data generated throughout this time allowed the VORTECS™ 지시자, Cointelegraph 전용, to get exceptionally good at recognizing the telltale signs of AXS’ breakouts.

VORTECS™ 점수, exclusive to Cointelegraph Markets Pro, is an algorithmic comparison of historical and current market and social conditions around a coin calculated from a combination of variables including market sentiment, 거래량, 최근 가격 변동 및 트위터 활동.

While the indicator will not tell investors when to go long or short, it can provide insights that are based on historically bullish or bearish conditions for a particular coin. According to the algorithm, the higher the score, the more likely it is that the observed conditions will be historically favorable for the next 12 ...에 72 시간.

In the case of AXS, historical precedent seems to be particularly instructive.

VORTECS™ 점수 (초록) vs. AXS 가격, 씨족. 25 – Oct. 2. 원천: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Between Sept. 25 and Oct. 2, AXS gained 76.67% 미국에 대하여. dollar and 56.05% 비트 코인 반대, reaching a new all-time high above $117.

AXS saw its VORTECSScore peak at 87 9 월. 26 when its price was $63.15, and the model recognized a historically bullish setup of market dynamics and social sentiment. The breakout began some 2 1/2 days later when the token began to steadily climb from $65 ...에 $117 10 월. 2.

All-time-high scorer

With an overall 60 days during which its VORTECSScore hit 80 또는 더 높게, AXS remains the second-best all-time performer in terms of high-score days, trailing only THORChain’s RUNE.

하나, AXS’ average returns following high scores are much better than those of RUNE.

평균적으로, AXS gained 4% 24 hours after its VORTECSScore hit 80, 7% 후 48 시간과 10% 후 72 시간. When looking at the occasions when the coin hit the 90 VORTECS™ Score mark, the coin’s average returns are even more impressive: 7% 후 24 시간, 13% 후 48 시간과 21% 후 72 시간.

VORTECS™ 점수 (초록) vs. AXS 가격, 씨족. 29 – Oct. 5. 원천: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

The token’s price plateaued on Oct. 2 과 3 after recording its then-all-time high above $117. With the price still flat, AXS’ VORTECSScore began sharply rising again, crossing the 80 threshold when it traded for $105 and surging to 96. Fifteen hours after hitting 80, AXS price reached a record $153.70.

현재, AXS’ VORTECSScore is again in the high eighties, so it is quite possible that the feast is not over yet.

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