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All-in-one mining solutions Whalesburg has caused quite a stir in the crypto community and is already ahead of its planned roadmap. The private sale was closed in just a couple of hours. What is the reason for such a huge interest in the project?

Mining is a new trend in the tech world and its popularity is constantly growing. This new way of money making is not perfect: miners face difficulties, 제한, and problems every day.

Whalesburg is the world’s first Mining 2.0 Platform that gives everyone access to the resources needed for mining coins and solves the existing problems in modern mining.

The project has already held a private sale round. The first round generated lots of buzz and was closed in just 1,5 시간. 이상 1500 ETH were raised when the Soft Cap required only 1000 ETH. In the second round, the demand exceeded the supply 6 times with 44 pools requesting allocation. The project is way ahead of schedule on its planned roadmap.

You need to get on the Whitelist in order to participate in the Token Sale. Hurry up: there are a lot of people wanting to take part in this project. The number of places is limited.

How to Get In?

Follow the link to the Whalesburg website and join the world’s first Mining 2.0 Platform. To get on the Whitelist you’ll need to pass our KYC (당신의 고객을 알고) 순서. Project CEO John Kitkin is sure that “Mining is created for bringing profit to its participants, not problems. There is a strong community of miners behind us that believes in the idea and the success of the project. We are sure that Whalesburg is the best complete solution to modern mining problems’.

The success of Whalesburg is a Mining 2.0 Platform that includes:

  • Operating system
  • 광업 풀
  • Monitoring tools
  • Overclocking tool
  • Profit-switching solutions

Whalesburg gives 5 out of 5 solutions for its users! The working product is already available on the website: you can start mining and making money today.

What benefits does Whalesburg have?

  1. The profit of the working product with a clear business model reached $100.000 during the test period.
  2. Large partnership network (Revain, Hydrominer, Wattum, Baikal-mining, CryptoCapitalMining, Orion, Erman Fund and Aurorafund, GTI One, Oddocash).
  3. In-house developed OS based on Linux with Whalesburg cloud integration.
  4. The monitoring system allows users to remotely control the state of equipment and notifies the user 24 hours a day.
  5. Mining pool is based on Game Theory, switching and focusing on several cryptocurrencies.
  6. The profit-switching tool: the system automatically switches to mining the most profitable coin.
  7. The overclocking tool prevents the system from failures.
  8. The project is live and users can start earning now.
  9. 이 프로젝트는있다 4 mentors from top 100 회사: Revain, 소금, Cindicator, and SONM.
  10. The team mostly consists of developers including 20 technical specialists.

The platform aroused great interest in the crypto community. The private sale finished ahead of time and the public token sale is expected to gather even more participants. It is still possible to join the project: visit the Whalesburg website and sign up for the whitelist. The number of places is limited. Don’t miss the chance!

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