KoCurrency: Bitcoin Price Prediction Platform

Cryptocurrency trading has turned into one of the hottest pastime as well as a profession for many. The volatility associated with digital currencies makes it easier for the traders to make a fortune if they play their cards right — buying and selling the tokens at the right time. However, it is not always easy to make the correct prediction and execute that winning trade. But with the right inputs about various cryptocurrencies and markets, every trade executed might just become profitable.

KoCurrency, a cryptocurrency trading and signals platform has set out to make such a scenario a stark reality. The KoCurrency platform is designed to help investors make informed decisions by factoring in the trading behavior of some of the veteran in Bitcoin and altcoin trading. The KoCurrency presents itself as the cryptocurrency market equivalent of a trading signals platform widely used in conventional trading.

The team behind KoCurrency believe that a majority of traders rely upon news and reviews available on news publications and other media outlets, discussions between family, friends and other cryptocurrency traders to make their investment decisions. However, these decisions may not be accurate most of the time as they lack objectivity. So, to prevent the traders from making wrong investment decisions over and over again, KoCurrency has put in place a “truth based platform” that makes use of Darwinian “proof based” model to predict the market’s conditions. These signals are produced by gathering trading information from the expert trading community members.

The KoCurrency Bitcoin price prediction platform is powered by Intelligence coin and KoCoin tokens. These tokens create an entire crypto-ecosystem that harnesses the power of the crowd to predict Bitcoin price. The traders and community members can wager the Intelligence coins and predict the Bitcoin price trend. Those making the right forecast stand to receive a portion of Intelligence coins wagered by those who were wrong. The winnings are proportional to the number of tokens wagered by the winners.

With massive potential, KoCurrency is still a new platform that is currently in its beta phase. KoCoins act as the medium of value transfer within the platform and the community members can convert the Intelligence coin to KoCoin on the platform’s own exchange. KoCloud analyzes every new piece of information obtained by the platform, and the results are used to improve the platform’s accuracy further.

The KoCurrency cryptocurrency price prediction platform will soon make it possible for everyone to access the right signals to execute profitable trades.

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