LeviarCoin Announces Crowdsale for Blockchain-Secured In-App Purchases and Software Protection Platform

Bitcoin PR Buzz · June 20, 2017 · 12:00 pm

Irish game development studio LeviarCoin, have announced the launch of its open-source, secure, anonymous cryptocurrency. LeviarCoin (XLC) is based on ‘CryptoNote’ technology and is the native currency for spending on the platforms ‘free-to-play’ games as in-app purchases. CryptoNote technology enables the use of fraud prevention (in-app purchases+DRM), built on blockchain software and developed in C++. The crowd sale is running from April 7, 2017, to July 9, 2017.

[Note: This is a press release.]

LeviarCoin aims to bring a higher level of payment security to the gaming industry and provide players with an easy-to-use, safe, decentralized, in-app payment service and software fraud protection. The company’s new payment system will generate sufficient profits through free-to-play, in-app micropayments.


The LeviarCoin blockchain software system can be utilized directly within apps and by independent developers. Users will be given a chance to purchase licenses or credits with standard fiat currency via PayPal or a number of credit or debit cards. LeviarCoin’s CryptoNote technology will enable the trade of fiat to BTC or other cryptocurrencies to XLC, using an exchange API.

LeviarCoin’s blockchain technology used Daemon Integration API and DRMoB system communications, through receiving and sending commands on the default port. The system offers digital rights management and anti-fraud protection over blockchain systems. The system ensures that tampering is not possible and the software integrity is protected to block individuals from games in which they can gain an unfair advantage using third-party tools.

LeviarCoin has now laid down the groundwork for both individuals and large countries to implement their XLC micropayment structure into any apps that allow in-game purchasing. Users will be able to purchase any in-app rewards or collectible items with LeviarCoins interchangeable tokens. The platforms API will also enable the safe transfer of XLC to other outside wallet addresses.

LeviarCoin XLC ICO Crowdsale

The XLC crowdfunding campaign started on April 7, 2017, and will run for a total of 12 weeks.  All funds earned from LeviarCoin’s crowdfunding campaign will go towards the progression of the platform. The company will be distributing the initial amount of 5,400,000 XLC coins over the course of the crowdfunding campaign. LeviarCoin is using a state-of-the-art escrow to hold all BTC and ETH investments, to guarantee the security of all funds invested into the platform.

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