MCAP Labs- A serious step towards standardization of cryptocurrency world

The last few years have witnessed a paradigm shift with the advent of ICOs, funding technology-driven blockchain startups. Their decentralized model of self-financing through community participation has benefitted both the investors and the owners. However, over the past couple of months, we have observed that the absence of any standard process regarding a crowdsale has led to an increase in distrust among the Blockchain community. This distrust sometimes hurts otherwise brilliantly developed ideas and they face difficulty in garnering the required crowdsale response, thereby leading to their shutdown.

Our last few months monitoring of cryptocurrency market at MCAP Labs involved tracking the potential flaws capable of barring an investor or an ICO from further advancement in this field. Further, we conclude that there is an urgent need to promote and develop cryptocurrency mining research and thereby have launched some essential services like ICO evaluation service and ICO investment service which is the need of the market.

MCAP Labs’ key focus areas are:

  • Cryptocurrency Mining Research
  • ICO Evaluation services
  • ICO Investment services

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Cryptocurrency Mining Research

Cryptocurrency mining is the issuance of new tokens and incentivizing the miners participating in this act to safeguard the fundamentals of this decentralised peer to peer network of digital currency.

  • What is infuriating the miners?

Today miners are at the behest of monopolies like Bitmain and Bitfury. Miners are compelled to purchase surplus equipment and forced to share details of their undergoing activities in bitcoin market. Also, they are being tricked to join pool mining clubs run by companies, like Antpool run by Bitmain, as it incentivises the miners an extra 3 to 8 percent as compared to others.

  • How MCAP Labs will improve mining capabilities?

MCAP Labs feels that a mining market monopoly stifles the fundamentals of bitcoin’s open-source and decentralized nature. Further, it has been observed that few miners are incurring more expenditure than revenue in this mining activity due to lack of knowledge regarding the hardware equipment, hashing rate and which altcoin mining is profitable in the current scenario.

In order to address these prevailing constraints, MCAP Labs has devised a “two-way research methodology”. Our methodology will focus on:

  • Hardware Research
  • Algorithm Research

to arrive at pragmatic conclusions as to what hardware is best suited to mine a particular cryptocurrency. This will unlock avenues for miners to earn huge returns on mining.

ICO Evaluation Platform 

ICO’s are experiencing a boom and garnering great responses from this entrepreneurially driven investor community. This new fundraising phenomenon is often fox-eyed by some malintent actors which have inhabited this novel land of ICOs. This has rendered the potential investor skeptical towards this booming industry.

  • Why this platform?

To prevent cryptocurrency market from faltering or hampering we at MCAP Lab profess the need for standardization of ICOs on certain parameters. Also, these stream of raging ICOs further needs some quality assessment before entering the crowdfunding platform.

The goal of MCAP Labs team is to develop clear assessment standards for blockchain start-ups and evaluate based on a transparent and standardized scale. Our team of experts will undergo a comprehensive evaluation of an ICO against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This is achieved by a special test known as KPI test. Here is the list of few prominent parameters taken into consideration:

  • Whitepaper- What does it specify and leave out?
  • Business plans, Market potential, and Visibility:
  • Media Coverage – Positive or negative.
  • Cryptocurrency Social Proof: Investor’s/user’s response to the project?
  • Development and technical team backing this venture
  • Valuation, Market price, and Exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency Economics

MCAP Labs qualitative analysis will ensure that investors’ hard-earned money is safe and producing wealth.

ICO Investment 

The existence of hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market has fazed an individual to track and monitor the fluctuations in the market 24*7 and take investment decisions. This is preventing the investors from diving into the market enthusiastically.

  • How can we help you make smart investments in cryptocurrency?

MCAP Labs is driven by its mission to promote investment opportunities, enabling a person with little or no know-how of cryptocurrency market to reap profits by trading in this crypto-market.

At MCAP Labs we possess a team which has expertise in Fintech, blockchain technology, and legal advice. Our unique algorithm determines which AltCoin mining is profitable for a miner in the current scenario. This decision is made on the following parameters:

  • Hash difficulty rate
  • Trading volume
  • Profit prediction
  • What are all cryptocurrencies in our portfolio?

Our cryptocurrency investment portfolio will target digital currencies with superior potentials. Ethereum and Bitcoin form a major chunk of our investor’s portfolio apart from other altcoins like Steem, Ripple, Golem, and Litecoin. Our investment will ensure minimum volatility so that our user’s investment is not at risk.

We believe that our considerable expertise in the field of cryptocurrency mining research, ICO Evaluation services and ICO Investment will give rise to an exponential growth in returns from the investment of our esteemed clients.

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