Bitcoin Hits Nieuwe all-time high als CME Group kondigt Futures Trading

Bitcoin has hit new all-time price highs on its ninth birthday today as CME Group announces futures trading.

Investors still celebrating the weekend’s record-breaking $6,300 have little to fear this Halloween as renewed momentum coming from CME takes Bitcoin within reach of new heights.

The move appeared broadly expected Tuesday even without the news, analyst Tone Vays and investor Max Keiser both predicting imminent peaks.

According to data from Bitcointicker, Bitcoin advanced 2.1 procent in de 24 hours to press time to hit $6,300.


The latest surge, which began late last week, initially pulled major altcoins along with Bitcoin, but the trend has since faltered.

Bitcoin Cash, met name, has reversed the top of its gains which saw the fork hit multi-week highs approaching $500.

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Bron: Cointelegraph

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