Coinfirm, Toonaangevende Blockchain Regtech Company, Voegt Citigroup, KPMG, Publicis Groupe en SAP Veteranen aan de Advisory Board · november 13, 2017 · 1:30 p.m

Global Citigroup Managing Director, as well as ex-Global Sales Head at SAP, among those who joined Coinfirm.

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Coinfirm, one of the leading companies operating around AML/CTF compliance and regtech in the blockchain space announced it has added deeper strength and experience to its ranks. The list of established advisory board members, working with the company for 6 months now include:

  • Ruth Wandhofer, Global Managing Director at Citigroup, Regulatory, Markt & Innovation Strategy.
  • Julian Johnson, former Global Head of Sales and Executive Vice President in top enterprise software businesses such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft
  • Pawel Tomczuk, entrepreneur and angel investor, founder of the largest strategic communications firm in Central Europe that was eventually sold to Publicis Groupe.

Also as of the beginning of November, Pawel Tomczuk, took the position as the Chairman of Coinfirm.

Among the new team members who joined Coinfirm’s advisory board are:

  • Lee Byrne a regulatory veteran, who serves as the International AML Advisor
  • Harry Saito, former KPMG Executive Director and CEO of Tokyo International Consulting, who joins as Senior Advisor for Japan – the market with the most advanced adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Both of them have been working with the company as consultants for over 3 months before joining the advisory board.

Ook, the team is joined by Ben Brophy, Delivery Director, and the former Head of the Innovation Hub at Royal Bank of Scotland and CEO of BlockLab, who advised organizations such as Euroclear on design, implementatie, and launch of the blockchain based solution.

Pawel Kuskowski, CEO and Founder of Coinfirm, zei:

Each of the board members bring in unique insights into different layers of our organizations, which helps us to accelerate the process of becoming the global standard for AML in Cryptocurrencies.

As the Global MD of Regulatory and Market & Innovation at Citigroup, Ruth brings in over a decade of experience as a global executive at one of the world’s premier financial institutions. A leader in the regulatory space with particular knowledge and insight into blockchain applications, Ruth helps Coinfirm to accelerate the process of becoming the global standard for AML/CTF in the cryptocurrency space and speed up its adoption by regulators and financial institutions all over the world.

Speaking about joining Coinfirm’s Advisory Board, Ruth Wandhofer stated:

I am excited to support Coinfirm in the growing space of blockchain technology, where risk management, nakoming, and data analytics are the backbone for creating sound solutions and systems for the future.

Met 25 years experience in the technology market and executive roles at Oracle, Siebel, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce, Julian Johnson has implemented major software solutions all around the world and built an extensive career spanning several industries, including financial services, public sector, telecommunicatie en media, utilities, and energy. Now he’s bringing his experience to take Coinfirm into more major enterprises as he recognizes Coinfirm’s solution as the critical to drive blockchain and cryptocurrencies adoption into the mass market.

Julian sees the big vision of Coinfirm being a bridge between cryptocurrencies and the mass global market, onder vermelding van:

Confirm is the glue that allows the innovation and energy behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to become mainstream, regulated and industrialised in financial markets and institutions.

In Tomczuk, Coinfirm adds a successful entrepreneur who has not only built and exited a company through a major global player but one who intimately understands the public affairs aspect of emerging technologies. His experience in communications & lobbying connected with financial markets is helping Coinfirm to define their role in the newly emerging ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

The new team members complement the focus and vision of Coinfirm as both Lee Byrne and Harry Saito are known in the regulatory and compliance space with Harry holding a strong position for Coinfirm in the dynamic blockchain market of Japan. Ben Brophy brings a wealth of experience and skills in deploying and integrating innovative solutions and specifically those around blockchain into major companies and financial institutions.

With the addition of recognized leaders and experienced players from related fields, Coinfirm is taking the next step to building itself as a global leader.

over Coinfirm

Coinfirm als basis dient voor de veilige ontwikkeling en toepassing van blockchain. The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured, bruikbare gegevens die de efficiëntie verhoogt, verlaagt de kosten en stroomlijnt naleving van de in de buurt van de automatisering. Een erkend leider in hun vakgebied en een van de meest invloedrijke blockchain en regtech bedrijven, the blockchain agnostic platform benefits not only companies operating around blockchain but also major financial institutions, asset management and BI companies. Daarnaast, Coinfirm ontwikkelt dedicated blockchain oplossingen, zoals hun gegevens herkomst platform Trudatum, momenteel wordt bestuurd voor adoptie door meerdere financiële instellingen. Coinfirm heeft ook onlangs hun AMLT Token mogelijk te maken voor de marktdeelnemers om te beoordelen anderen te helpen en de democratisering van het financiële stelsel.

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