Hier is hoe multi-leg opties handelaren in staat stellen te profiteren van $ 2K Ethereum-prijs

This week Ether (ETH) price finally broke through the $2,000 level as aggressive institutional inflow through Grayscale Investments products and declining exchange reserves signaled that buying pressure was increasing.

While many traders are skilled at using perpetual futures and the basic margin investing tools available on most exchanges, they may be unaware of additional instruments that can be used to maximize their gains. One simple way, albeit expensive, is buying Ether call option contracts.

Ether 60-day historical volatility. Bron: TradingView

Bijvoorbeeld, een mars 26 call optie met een $1,760 staken transacties op $340. In the current situation, the holder would only profit if Ether trades above $2,180 in 39 dagen, een 21% gain from the current $1,800. If Ether remains flat at $1,800, this trader will lose $300. This is certainly not an excellent risk-reward profile.

Door gebruik te maken van call (kopen) opties en putten (verkopen), a trader can create strategies to reduce this cost and improve the potential gains. They can be used in bullish and bearish circumstances and most exchanges offer easily accessible options platforms now.

The suggested bullish strategy consists of selling a $2,240 put to create positive exposure to Ether while simultaneously selling a $2,880 call to reduce gains above that level. These trades were modelled from Ether price at $1,800.

Two out-of-the-money (small odds) positions are needed to protect from the possible price crashes below 20% or Ether gains above 130%. Those additional trades will give the trader peace of mind while also reducing the margin (collateral) requirements.

Winst / Schatting van het verlies. Bron: Deribit Position Builder

The above trade consists of selling 1 Ether contract of the March 26 put-optie met een $2,240 strike while selling another 1 Ether contract of the $2,880 staking. The additional trades also avoid the unexpected scenarios for the same expiry date.

The trader needs to buy 0.73 Ether contracts of the $4,160 call in order to avoid excessive upside losses. Evenzo, kopen 1.26 Ether contracts of $1,440 puts will protect against more significant negative price moves.

Zoals de bovenstaande schatting laat zien, any outcome between $1,780 en $3,885 is positive. Bijvoorbeeld, een 20% price increase to $2,160 results in a $478 net gain. Ondertussen, this strategy’s maximum loss is $425 if Ether trades at $1,440 or lower on March 26.

Aan de andere kant, this strategy can net a positive $580 or higher gain from $2,240 naar $3,100 at expiry. Overall it yields a much better risk-reward from leveraged futures trading, bijvoorbeeld. Using 3x leverage would incur a $425 loss as soon as Ether drops 8%.

This multiple options strategy trade provides a better risk-reward for those seeking exposure to Ether’s price increase. Bovendien, there is zero upfront funds involved for the strategy, met uitzondering van de marge- of onderpandstortingsvereisten.

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