PR: EtherSport - een decentrale Online Sports Loterij aan zijn pre-ICO Start november, 13th

EtherSport - Decentralized Online Sports Lottery

Dit is een betaalde persbericht, die bevat forward-looking statements, en moeten worden behandeld als reclame of promotiemateriaal. onderschrijft noch ondersteunt dit product / dienst. is niet verantwoordelijk voor of aansprakelijk voor de inhoud, juistheid of kwaliteit binnen het persbericht.

EtherSport, an innovative online sports lottery platform based on blockchain technology an Ethereum smart contracts, is about to enter its Pre-ICO stage on November, 13th. During this public preliminary sale, 10 million ESC tokens will be sold at the lowest price to the early investors, or literally anyone willing to participate and having an Ethereum wallet.

EtherSport uses ICO to raise funds and create an innovative and transparent betting on sports events. Each participant of the EtherSport crowdfunding campaign will receive a respective amount of ESC, an internal currency used to conduct all operations within the EtherSport system. ESC tokens can be used as platform currency for buying lottery tickets, as an investment to get dividends — 15% of the raised money from each lottery, or as a speculative commodity to trade on an exchange.

Alex Tsymbal, CEO of EtherSport, explains the competitive advantages of the platform compared to other players on the market: “EtherSport is transparent, meaning every aspect of the lottery can be viewed and verified. EtherSport is decentralized, so that once we deploy the lottery smart contract into the blockchain, it can’t be changed and compromised. EtherSport has a clear and understandable source of drawing results, and everyone is able to follow this process, and EtherSport’s input threshold is only $1, so practically anyone in the world can buy a lottery ticket and have equal chance to hit the jackpot. Ook, the system itself will be open-source, the smart contract and lottery bank collection and distribution code will be accessible on GitHub.”

Unlike many other ICOs, the company has made its pre-sale open for everyone who has an Ethereum wallet, without any registration or data submission. Bovendien, the minimum purchase amount is 1 ESC token only. To take part in the EtherSport ICO, you should simply send ETH to the token offering address, which will be available on the official website as of November, 13th. Your tokens will be sent to your sending address automatically.

10,000,000 ESC tokens will be sold at 0.0005 ETH voor 1 ESC during the Pre-ICO stage (November 13th – 19th). Thereby, EtherSport has created favourable conditions for the early birds who will be able to get 2,000 tokens for just 1 ETH during the Pre-ICO. In vergelijking, you will be able to get 1,000 tokens per 1 ETH during the first hour of the actual ICO start. Over het algemeen, the ICO campaign will last one month (november, 20th, tot en met december, 20th) and will be implemented in 4 stadia. With every ICO stage, the ESC token price will grow respectively, which means that the earlier you invest, hoe meer tokens je krijgt. Globaal genomen, 100,000,000 ESC tokens will be created, met 70% of them to be distributed during Pre-ICO and ICO.

Preserving the transparency principles, EtherSport has already revealed its detailed white paper, roadmap, conditions, and the team behind the project on the official website, which will also serve as the platform for the ESC token sale starting on November, 13th.

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Dit is een betaalde persbericht. Lezers dienen hun eigen due diligence doen voordat u iets gaat doen met betrekking tot het gepromote bedrijf of een van haar gelieerde ondernemingen of diensten. is niet verantwoordelijk, direct of indirect, voor enige schade of verlies veroorzaakt of beweerd te zijn veroorzaakt door of in verband met het gebruik van of vertrouwen op enige inhoud, goederen of diensten in het persbericht vermeld.

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