SAP voegt 27 Leden om Blockchain Innovatieprogramma

SAP, a major German software company, has announced the addition of 27 new members to its collaborative blockchain program.

Announced today during the SAP TechEd event in Barcelona, Spain, the latest members of the initiative span a range of industries including telecoms, kleinhandel, pharmaceuticals, logistics, public services, en meer, according to a press release.

Described by SAP as ablockchain co-innovation initiative,” the group was set up to encourage collaboration on developing distributed business processes using peer-to-peer networks. SAP said the group is working to integrate blockchain intointernet of things,” supply chains and manufacturing with the help of the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain.

According to Joe Peraino from U.S. manufacturer Benjamin Moore & Co – one of the group’s new members alongside Deutsche Telekom – his company is keen to explore blockchain’s potential in streamlining operations across its supply chain.

Peraino stated:

Our company is particularly eager to explore possibilities with transportation management and simplify the complexities that exist in today’s paper-based systems.

SAP further announced that it will join Spain’s Alastria consortium (formerly called Red Lyra), as well as the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) in a move aimed to boost the adoption of blockchain tech among its customers.

The company said participating in Alastria willstrengthenits blockchain ecosystem and network across Europe. Membership of BiTa, it added, will help broaden its services in freight and transportation management.

SAP image via Shutterstock

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