Singapore Central Banker: Toezichthouders ‘Duty’ van grondstoffenorganisaties om te leren

An executive at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAAR) has said that developments around initial coin offerings (grondstoffenorganisaties) and cryptocurrencies can offer lessons for regulators.

Yao Loong Ng, executive director of MASfinancial markets strategy department, zei dat, although many are skeptical on thespeculativeuse cases of the technology, regelgevers “have the fiduciary duty to be alert on the potential outcome.

As reported by Edge Markets, Ng indicated that thetime to marketfor ICOs compares favorably with IPOs, which can take nine months to prepare.

Hij zei:

If the process of writing a white paper for [een] ICO and subsequently listing on an exchange could take a matter of days, then clearly it is something that we can learn from.

Ng made his comments during a panel discussion at the ASEAN Capital Markets Conference in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

The news follow last week’s announcement from Malaysia’s securities regulator that it is working onrelevant regulations and guidelinesfor functional use cases of digital assets.

Eerder in augustus, MAS issued a notice warning investors to be cautious of the potential risks around ICOs and virtual currency-related investment schemes.

MAS image via Shutterstock

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