Online Marketplace Flavours Place Helps Bitcoin, Small Businesses, and Coffee Lovers Worldwide

Bitcoin PR Buzz · June 18, 2017 · 3:00 pm

Rare coffee and tea online marketplace Flavours Place has announced some new changes to its platform. The Hong Kong-based company has recently extended its services to include more specialized coffee beans and offer green coffee farmers support by accepting Bitcoin payments and the sale of second hard coffee equipment.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Flavours Place

Flavours Place aims to help coffee bean farmers become less reliant on wholesale distribution channels to get their products out into the marketplace. Such farmers are currently losing a significant portion of their profits on high intermediary commissions, for only putting their products into the market.

Since the marketplace launch, Flavours Place has expanded its product range to include rare cocoa and spices. Also, the company is promoting the direct trade between importers and farmers, small batch roasters and other similar socially-minded businesses. Flavours Place has also started inviting farmers and small batch roasters to sell their produce on the platform.

Flavours Place is now pushing their focus towards more specialized coffee to encourage the sale of more green coffee beans for home roasting and smaller business. Flavors Place recently changed its platform to facilitate the sale of second-hand coffee equipment, which they believe will help smaller businesses that don’t always have the financial means to buy all the latest equipment by top brands.

Flavours Place has taken a strong stance on Bitcoin, allowing only businesses who accept Bitcoin transactions, to register on their market platform. It helps to promote the cryptocurrency across the whole platform. In addition to Bitcoin, Flavours Place also accepts USD, EUR, and PayPal payments.

All platform sellers are encouraged to sell directly to customers retailers and small batch roasters. The company has welcomed sellers from all backgrounds to join the marketplace, as long as they can accept Bitcoin and complete the simple registration process. Once registered, sellers can sell their products immediately. Flavours Place heavily promotes Fair Trade producers, and it offers all workers a fairer return for their hard work.

Flavors Place is a socially minded online market platform that aims to assist the direct trade between all types of coffee, tea and cocoa seller with consumers, across the globe. The company strongly supports the use of Bitcoin within their marketplace and aim to bring only the best quality, fair-trade, and organic products, directly from the producers to coffee and tea-loving Bitcoin users across the globe.

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