Opera to introduce crypto currency wallet on desktop browser

Opera has launched a crypto currency wallet that can be used on desktop browser. This is as per a press release shared by the company on August 8th.

The firm has been dabbling in crypto currency wallets for sometime, working on a beta version of a mobile crypto wallet that can be used on Android app of Opera. This was launched in July. There is strong interest as well as positive response found from crypto currency users when the mobile wallet was proposed and this has lent impetus to the current move.

This new version, being developed for desktops, would work by allowing users to connect to an existing crypto wallet that users are already using, by a mobile app that scans the QR code. This is a system that Opera has been working on for synchronising mobile apps with desktop applications. There is already a similar option available for Whatsapp with its web interface.

The mechanism of connecting a mobile app of a crypto wallet with a desktop would mean using the secure system of the phone to allow users to complete transactions such as in crypto currency trades using neo price chart. They can use their fingerprints to sin in and complete transactions and not have to type in passwords on their browser. This would make the system more secure than accessing a crypto wallet service on a web browser. The press notes released by Opera state that the synchronisation will make the system more secure and efficient. However it would warrant use of a crypto wallet Android app that is user controlled such as where the keys are on the phone and not saved on a centralised server.

The desktop client software on the other hand would also have functionalities similar to the mobile app. The desktop version of Opera that would support this functionality will support different crypto currency tokens. The product lead of this project at Opera, Charles Hamel commented that the browser being integrated in this manner showcases the first step towards making crypto currencies mainstream and this would be available in Opera web 3.0. There have been several other upgrades introduced by Opera such as its mobile and web browser including anti crypto jacking software. This has been an upgrade introduced in January 2018.

The importance of a crypto currency wallet is growing with the increasing popularity of crypto currencies in trades. These are becoming investment choices as well as for transactions. The focus is on accessibility and security. Opera has taken the first step to launch such a feature for its web desktop browser that would allow integration with Android mobile crypto wallet apps. This wallet will have support for Ethereum and have a host of innovative features. It would certainly make transactions easier and at the same time maintain security of the crypto wallets for the users.

Opera has definitely taken the first step to help crypto currency users expand their options of using these wallet services. It is a matter of time that other web and desktop service providers follow suit.


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