Po.et Partners With Blink To Automate Licensing Digital Content To Major Media Companies

Ashour Iesho · August 6, 2017 · 6:15 pm

The prominent blockchain-based digital asset management startup Po.et has announced its partnership with the global content studio Blink.

Proof of Existence 2.0

Po.et is a very young blockchain startup that aims solve multiple problems in the digital content industry. The Singapore and Los Angels-based project utilizes blockchain technology in order to create a platform that makes publishing, licensing and distribution of digital assets easier.

The Po.et platform would essentially use blockchain technology and smart contracts to eliminate the middle man and thus, allow content creators to directly sell their digital assets to publishers, without having to pay enormous transactions fees. It’s worth to note that Po.et’s platform includes a digital media licensing market, which would allow publishers to directly select digital assets that fit their territory.

Currently, the Po.et project is planning to host its initial coin offering with the help of Moscow-based startup, Zerion. Interested contributors can invest into the token sale with an invite code that can be obtained through the official po.et website.

Partnership with Blink

Po.et partners with Blink

In an official press release, Po.et announced that the international content studio Blink has partnered with the young startup to efficiently track licenses with the help of blockchain technology.  According to the press release, Blink’s customers include prominent corporations like Google, Airbnb, ESPN, and more. In the article, the CEO of Blink, Matthew Craig, stated following about the partnership:

The unwieldy process of managing licenses and copyright terms for the large volume of content produced by Blink is simply a fool’s errand – our clients want a better solution that creates transparency and accountability at every stage of licensing and our artists deserve it. This partnership is a critical step forward for licensing and will allow Blink to continue servicing the insatiable market for original content at scale,

Konstantin Richter, responsible for the Business Development of Po.et also added:

This partnership allows us at Po.et to envision a complete marketplace where freelancers can get hired, protect their work and get rewarded for it in a proactive manner. The Blink participation will help us to ensure we develop the right blockchain utilities to serve their needs,

With the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Po.et will be offering an extremely useful tool that will save publishers and content creators from a lot of “headaches”.

What are your thoughts on the Po.et and Blink partnership? Do you think that Po.et will become a successful platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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