Pro-Blockchain Dropcatching Startup DomRaider Launches ICO Campaign as Company Grows by 300%

Bitcoin PR Buzz · August 18, 2017 · 1:00 am

Leading French drop-catching service DomRaider has announced the launch dates for its upcoming ICO campaign. The rapidly growing company specializes in reallocating expired domain names to a broad selection of clients across the globe. In the last year, DomRaider has seen its staff-base triple in size to over 30 members, over three countries. DomRaider’s token sale starts on the 16th of August 2017, and its official ICO will begin on the 12th of September 2017.

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Following its recent growth, DomRaider is planning further expansion, with three international offices scheduled to open in Montreal and London this October. In the four years since its establishment, DomRaider has conducted over 20,000 transactions and has grown a sizable customer base of clients, including Warner Music Group, the French Ministry of Education, AXA, the French National Olympic Sports Committee and Météo France.

After its first two years in business, DomRaider paid off all of its debts and has seen a rapid growth since then and more recently became the European leader for drop catching. DomRaider has the support of several large banks and funds, including Inovaa, Eefficiency, BPI France, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire and CIC.

Successful entrepreneur Tristan Colombet founded DomRaider in 2013, after a string of successful startups. Beginning his career in 2000 with, he later won the ‘Deloitte Fast 50’ award later in 2006, for achieving a company growth of over 6000%. Since June 2016, he has also been an elected member of the board of directors of AFNIC, the official FR register under the authority of the Delegate Minister for the Digital Economy.

The DomRaider business model is built on a proprietary auction-based system. Until now there has been a lack of, transparency, an interconnection between auction operators, and limitations of the auction processes, but the changes company launch will change the entire ecosystem.

DomRaider’s proposed open source solution launch will address all of these issues and manage all live, online auctions across the globe. The update will bring a transparent, reliability scalable open source solution to the already successful DomRaider business model. The interoperable solution will enable all participants to take part in all auctions. Regardless of location and other factors.

The solution will also increase the efficiency of the processes with validations expected to occur within one second. The solution will reinvent DomRaider’s business model, maximize efficiency and form the basis of an ecosystem that will manage all required industry functionalities.

Specific features that will be improved upon include time limits, anti-sniping, increments, payment guarantees, KYC, legal limitations, escrow, instant purchase, reserve price, independent auction expenses, presentation of lots, audio streaming and live video. DomRaider is a simplified joint stock company registered in France since 2013 and its operations are fully compliant with the national auditor, KPMG.

Wide Scale Blockchain Implementation

In addition to blockchain implementation, DomRaider plans to acquire auction management tools for auction organizers. The expansion of the ecosystem will include partnerships with experts in KYC, financial guarantees, lenders, logistics and market places.

DomRaider ICO Campaign

DomRaider’s DRT token pre-sale will run from August 16th, 2017 to September 11, 2017, and the official ICO sale will run from September 12th, 2017 to October 11th, 2017. All funds raised from the DomRaider ICO will be invested in auction research, developing blockchain auction and company development.

DomRaider will use remaining funds to acquire strategic targets to expand the use of blockchain auctions. DomRaider will create a total of one billion DRT tokens. 350 million (35%) tokens will be distributed between the token pre-sale and the official ICO. 150 million (15%) tokens will be made available to stakeholders, team members, advisors and community members. 500 million (50%) tokens will be kept in reserve for future use.

The DRT token is an ERC20 token and will be sold for the entirety of the ICO campaign at 0.10 EUR. Excluding any potential stretch goal, the total cap of the ICO campaign will be 35 Million USD. Any unsold tokens will be repurchased by DomRaider’s two principal shareholders, Inovaa and Efficiency.

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