Rafal Szymanski and FutureNet: how is a successful IT entrepreneur associated with an international social platform

5 months after the launch of Banners App mobile advertising application the number of its users exceeded 500.000 people for 190 countries worldwide, and the founder of the project Rafal Szymanski – IT businessman, owner of GlobalTechMakers – is ready to present a new direction called GTM+ dedicated to solving HR questions in the IT.

Szymanski is a famous person in the IT, an entrepreneur, and developer who has launched several successful startups including an innovative advertising network  EasyVisual with over 3,5 mln users all over the world and various specialized products for FutureNet social media network. Cooperation with FutureNet became a reason for people to falsely think that Rafal Szymanski is one of the leaders of FutureNet – it is exactly the case when a customer-contractor partnership is perceived by the public as something more.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneur himself has mentioned several times in the interviews that he is a good friend and a partner of Roman Zieman and Stephan Morgenstern – the founders of FutureNet. Besides, Rafal Szymanski is on the board of chairman in FutureNet Foundation – a non-profit charitable organization that helps people in need around the world. The Foundation is a separate independent project created with the support of FutureNet and not related to the rest of the company’s products.

If you are looking for FutureNet, Banners App – is not the right place

Some users mistakenly assume that BannersApp application is one of the new FutureNet products. This is not true.

BannersApp project is a screen-lock application for brands promotion in EasyVisual advertising network created by GTМ team. Rafal Szymanski added Futurocoin support in the functionality of the platform in order to pay rewards to users for viewing ads. The decision was made as part of a partnership agreement under the terms of which GTM provides professional services and assistance to FutureNet.

FTO cryptocurrency is used as a tool for internal payments within BannersApp. The coin can be easily converted to other digital currencies and fiat money on exchanges that support Futurocoin trading with real high liquidity. The daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency exceeds $600.000 that confirms the high interest of traders to the asset.

Growing popularity, high potential of Futurocoin and positive expert assessments were decisive factors in the integration of the coin into Rafal Szymansky’s project. BannersApp is the only thing that connects the application with FutureNet company. The rest of the functionality, as well as the concept of the project, are based on its own business model which provides making a profit from the difference between the payments received from advertisers in the EasyVisual advertising network and payments to users for viewing ads.

In terms of total dependence of marketers around the world on Facebook social network and other services to promote products, a new advertising channel with a high-quality audience will arise interest among industry professionals. This confirms the current dynamics of connecting advertising partners including the largest mobile communication companies InMobi, AppoDeal and others. EasyVisual advertising network works on CPM model, supporting CPI, CPA and Revenue Share models, and provides advertisers with an absolute reach of the target audience fully justifying the costs of an advertising campaign.


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