Bison Trails запускает Global Blockchain Sync для улучшения работы узлов, уменьшить время задержки

Бизоновые тропы, a leading blockchain infrastructure company, has launched a new protocol that allows customers to scale their node operations without the lag times that normally accompany such functions.

Beginning Tuesday, Global Blockchain Synch, or GBS, will allow Bison Trails customers to address the lag times associated with launching a new node operation. The company has claimed this will significantly reduce downtime risk, slashing penalties and costs while at the same time boosting scale and optimized participation.

Джо Лаллуз, Bison Trails’ CEO, explained the problem:

“A significant pain point when launching new nodes is the time it takes for them to catch up to the rest of the network before they can begin performing useful work. Newly launched nodes must sync from the genesis block, which can take hours to months to be fully synced.”

GBS was designed to “allow customers to dynamically scale their infrastructure in response to demand, while reducing operational costs," он сказал.

The new service supports several leading blockchain protocols, including Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, Cosmos and EOS. For platforms like Polkadot, GBS allows new validators to launch in as little as 20 minutes versus the 30 hours or more that it would normally take.

In addition to the 20 protocols it currently supports, Bison Trails will soon add Avalanche, Кардано, and FIlecoin as partners.

Как ранее сообщал Cointelegraph, Bison Trails was acquired in January by Coinbase for an undisclosed amount. Bison Trails remains a standalone product following the acquisition.

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Источник: Cointelegraph

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