Биткойн преодолевает окончательное сопротивление, когда Эфириум возвращается к 2 тыс. Долларов

Биткойн (BTC) briefly hit $60,000 в апреле 2 in the latest installment of its slow grind back to all-time highs.

1-часовой свечной график BTC / USD (Bitstamp). Источник: Tradingview

BTC price taps $60,000

Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed bullish tendencies remaining overnight for BTC/USD, with local highs of $60,110 on Bitstamp.

A correction brought the pair down nearer to $59,000, circling $59,500 на момент написания.

The sustained higher levels mean that Bitcoin has effectively canceled out the flash crash from earlier this week, while still continuing to trade in a defined corridor.

For popular trader Crypto Ed, the outlook was for $60,000 to disappear as resistance based on fading selling pressure on exchanges. Higher than $70,000, тем не мение, may have to wait longer.

I mentioned BTC target $73k and ETH $2300,he wrote on Friday.

From what I see now, ETH is on track. BTC not convinced yet it will reach that target in this cycle but I do think we’ll see a strong push above 60k (soonish).”

Others are more optimistic, with short-term estimates including $68,000 и $73,000 и 2021 targets exceeding $288,000.

BTC/USDT buy and sell levels (Binance) по состоянию на апрель 2. Источник: Показатели материала

The ~$57,500 area rejected BTC in February. But it looks like BTC turned this exact same level into support a couple of days ago,” fellow Twitter trader Rekt Capital added.

Now it’s about follow-through from here. And we’re seeing some follow-through today.

Эфир на $5,000 “inevitable

Crypto Ed touching on Ether (ETH) comes as the largest altcoin by market cap touched $2,000 впервые с февраля. 20.

After dipping in line with Bitcoin price action, ETH/USD returned to form over the past week, seeing almost constant higher highs on daily timeframes to near its historic record of roughly $2,040.

1-часовой свечной график ETH / USD (Bitstamp). Источник: TradingView

Как сообщает Cointelegraph, price targets for Ether are now more bullish than ever, and include $2,600 следующий, с участием $5,000 и даже $10,000 in play.

The amount of ETH held by exchanges, like BTC, has been dropping sharply this year.

ETH exchange reserves vs. ETH / USD. Источник: CryptoQuant

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