Bitcoin Cash находится на грани падения 1% цены биткойна

Биткойн Кэш (BCH) holders have no reason to celebrate, despite the 46% year-to-date gains in U.S. dollar terms. One year ago, the altcoin was the third-largest by market capitalization. It now risks dropping out of the top 10, having been surpassed by other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin (LTC) and Chainlink’s LINK.

BCH/BTC. Источник: TradingView

After three years of continuous devaluation, BCH finally traded below 0.01 Биткойн (BTC) в феврале. 22. Besides being psychological support, it marks a 96.5% devaluation from its highest close of 0.285 BTC в августе. 2, 2017.

Even though both cryptocurrenciescombined hash rate was somewhat comparable at the time, it has since become a one-sided battle, with BTC’s hash rate dominance now over 98% versus BCH and Bitcoin SV (BSV) комбинированный.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin hash rate. Источник: Монеты Метрики

Как изображено выше, the BCH hash rate currently stands at 1% BTC 150 exahashes per second. тем не мение, BCH proponents argue that Bitcoin Cash’s 10-block checkpoint system defends the blockchain against hostile reorgs, so less hash rate is needed.

Тем не менее, while the risk of adeep reorgis reduced, checkpoints come with tradeoffs, particularly the increased risk of a consensus chain split, according to BitMex.

The addition of checkpoints has also led to criticism from Bitcoin proponents, who argue that this solution compromises the decentralization of the Bitcoin Cash network.

Litecoin’s active addresses outshine Bitcoin Cash

Daily active addresses are a vital on-chain metric, albeit they are often inflated when the lower transaction costs are considered alongside network security tradeoffs. Тем не менее, comparing BCH with Litecoin and Dash seems reasonable, as the three networks have average fees below $0.05.

BCH, LTC and Dash daily active addresses. Источник: Монеты Метрики

As the data indicates, Litecoin currently has double the number of Bitcoin Cash daily active addresses. Следовательно, the activity on the Bitcoin Cash network is more similar to that of Dash, an altcoin with a $2.2 миллиард рыночной капитализации

ВОРТЕКИ™ Счет (yellow) против. BCH price. Источник: Рынки Cointelegraph Pro

Дополнительно, вихри™ metric from Cointelegraph Markets Pro began dropping on Feb. 18, just days before the price peaked.

ВОРТЕКИ™ счет, эксклюзивно для Cointelegraph, is an algorithmic comparison of historic and current market conditions derived from multiple data points including market sentiment, объем торгов, недавние движения цен и активность в Twitter.

The score fell to sub-50 levels, and the drop in BCH price came four days later, losing the important $670 уровень поддержки.

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