Фьючерсы на биткойны CME облегчили более 11 млн BTC в объеме в прошлом году

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, recorded significant volume for its Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading product over the course of last 12 месяцы. “More than 2.2+ million contracts were traded in 2020,” a CME representative told Cointelegraph. Each cash-settled Bitcoin futures contract at the CME is worth the dollar value of five Bitcoin.

The trading hub recorded higher than normal numbers as Bitcoin’s price heated up in December, following a break of its 2017 небывало высокая цена $19,892 в декабре. 1. “BTC average daily volume (ADV) reached 11,179 контракты (55.9K equivalent bitcoin) в декабре, вверх 114% YoY [год за годом],” the CME representative said.

Average daily open interest, or ADOI, “reached a record of 11,108 контракты (55,540 equivalent bitcoin) в 4 квартале, вверх 233% против. Q4 2019,” according to a statement from CME Group. Big players also showed up for trading, evident in the exchange’s large open interest holders, or LOIH, count. “The number of LOIH grew to a record of 110 in the first week of December, indicating strengthening institutional interest,” the CME representative said.

The CME is planning a February launch for its Ethereum (ETH) futures, which were initially announced in December.

A number of large financial entities expressed interest in Bitcoin in 2020, including MicroStrategy and Square, who allocated large sums of capital to crypto’s first asset.

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Источник: Cointelegraph

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