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Matthew Hrones · январь 13, 2018 · 2:00 вечера

Finding the right person for a job is difficult. Использование blockchain технологии, Experty looks to connect people to experts in a seamless, cost-effective way.

In the world today, communication is more important than ever. 20th-century technologies like the telephone completely changed how the world talked to each other, and the internet only added to it. Теперь, you can send a message to anyone, в любой точке мира, essentially for free via email or text. That’s huge for so many reasons, whether you’re trying to research something new, or if you’re a firm trying to use the talents of people globally.

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Connecting Right to the Source

Experty allows for people to make phone calls or send messages directly to top consultants around the world with ease. There isn’t a “world directory” of advisors that you can look at depending on the project you’re working on. Как правило, you need to find someone via word of mouth or trusting reviews on a website. But with Experty, you can have instant access to anyone on the network.

The expert doesn’t need to share his phone number or any other personal information, only his Experty profile. Calls are also instant, connecting you to a professional right away. Per-minute rates are posted by expert advisors, and using smart contract technology refunds can be awarded if the person’s inquiries were not answered. If everything works out, the experts are paid. Experty is one of the first knowledge monetization platforms in the world.

Built properly, this system has a host of use cases. This could revolutionize webinars, as people could literally pay for the knowledge they get and nothing more. One expert could speak to a whole group of people, spreading free information like we’ve never seen. Video calls can even be made over the network, again for a small fee. Scheduling, group calls, and screen sharing are all things you can use the Experty network for, all free of censorship and fraudulent actors.

Experty Use Cases

ICOs Using Experty to Quell Investor Worries

One really cool use case thought of by the development team is an “ICO Hotline.” Today, dozens and dozens of ICOs are being released with almost no regulatory oversite. The average person just doesn’t know which projects are legitimate and which are phony. A team launching a token sale could set up an account on Experty, giving investors a direct line to the development team who can, в очереди, address their concerns.

The platform will run using the Experty token, which will be used to pay experts for their time. This token can then be converted into whatever crypto the advisor likes. This token will be initially distributed via an ICO which is set to launch soon. A hard cap of 100 million EXY has been put in place, which will account for 9,000 простой эфир. 33% of the tokens will be available for the general public during the ICO, with the sooner you invest the higher your token bonus will be. You can look at their site, Exeprty.io, to learn more about the ICO and the project in general.

For more information about Experty, please visit experty.io and download the project’s whitepaper. To keep up with the latest news and updates, follow the Experty team on Twitter, read their blog on Medium, and connect with them via Telegram.

What are your thoughts on Experty? Can you think of other use cases for the platform? Дайте нам знать в комментариях ниже.

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