Crypto рынка в зеленый После коррекции, Bitcoin Выше $9,000, EOS Прибыли Значительно

пятница, апрель 27: after a mid-week correction that has seen Bitcoin go below $9,000, the crypto market is back on track with all top 10 cryptocurrencies listed on Coin360 in the green.


Bitcoin (BTC) is above $9,000 again, торги на о $9,263 with a value gain of about 5 процентов по сравнению с 24 часов нажать время.

BTC Vatue & Volume

Ethereum (ETH) is steadily climbing towards the $700 mark, trading at around $678 at press time, up almost 8 percent from yesterday.

ETH Value & Volume

Total market cap is again over $400 bln, в настоящее время $417 bln, after having dropped to as low as $380 bln Thursday.

Total Market Capitalization

EOS continues to grow significantly, seeing 19 percent gains over 24 hours and trading around $17.40 at press time. With a growth of 50 процентов по сравнению с последним 30 дней, the cryptocurrency’s price is approaching the levels of January, по данным Coinmarketcap.

EOS Charts

звездный (XLM) has increased by almost 10 процентов по сравнению с 24 часов – the altcoin is currently trading at $0.41.

Excepting this week’s temporary decline, the crypto market has been moving upwards since the day Bitcoin’s price jumped $1,000 в 30 minutes on April 12. During this period, the markets have been propelled by a number of positive news, particularly Goldman Sachs executives resigning for positions at crypto projects, such as the crypto wallet and the crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital.

Ранее сегодня, Gil Beyda, the managing director of the venture capital arm of Comcast, expressed a bullish view on Bitcoin and real world applications of Blockchain technology.

В понедельник, Goldman Sachs hired cryptocurrency trader Justing Schmidt as vice president of digital asset markets of its securities division, “in response to client interest in various digital products.”

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Источник: Cointelegraph

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