е-чат можно проводить Эфириум Hardfork после ICO

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Hardforks in the Bitcoin system don’t surprise anyone anymore, but the Ethereum fork, carried out simultaneously with the ICO conducted by the e-Chat team is really something revolutionary for the entire crypto-community.

The thing is that the project has long outgrown the limits of the usual blockchain-based messenger and transformed into an interesting, self-developing start-up.

The e-Chat team decided to transform the messenger into a multi-functional platform where any participant or business can create their applications based on the e-Chat platform, as well as create their own tokens to pay for services provided both inside the application and outside it. A wide range of services will be available, from a taxi to a babysitter in the neighborhood. Similar functionality exists in the WeChat application, but the degree of protection in it leaves much to be desired, and all payments are possible only in fiat currency. В данный момент, the only competitor to the e-Chat project may be Telegram, which launches the ICO in March 2018, but it will happen only in March, and the guys are conducting ICO already now.

Ethereum – e-Chat fork, can be held in early March. Making such an uncompromising step, the team of e-Chat mobile blockchain platform has 3 цели:

  • improvement of the Ethereum network;
  • additional benefits for investors;
  • instant attraction of a large number of new users and developers to the platform.

Why Is It Profitable for Investors?

The situation is not standard since the futures trading of the ECHT coin will soon be launched on some crypto-exchanges, which will provide a benchmark for traders. All issues of converting ERC-20 tokens into fork coins will be determined by the voting of investors.

The approach of the team that appeared on the ICO with an already running application is indicative, which is gaining in popularity both among ordinary users and popular bloggers, такие как: Ксения Собчак (presidential candidate in Russia in 2018), Джей Alvarrez (an extremely popular Travel blogger, 6 mln subscribers), Victoria Lopyreva (Ambassador Of FIFA WC 2018) и многие другие.

В данный момент, е-чат начал голосование среди инвесторов, чтобы определить дальнейший путь развития проекта, the team will change the concept in case if the majority of investors vote for the fork.

All details can be found on the official website and in the social networks of the project.

Unit 25A,
Wing Hing Commercial Building,
139 Wing Lok Street,
Sheung Wan, Гонконг

+8 (528) 009-06441 – Hong Kong

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