Goldman Sachs Exec Says More Institutional Investment Would Calm Bitcoin Volatility

An executive at multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs believes an increase in the participation from institutional investors is the “key” to stabilizing nascent markets such as cryptocurrencies.

Выступление на канале CNBC The Coin Rush во вторник, Глава отдела исследования сырьевых товаров Goldman Sachs, Джефф Карри, сказал, что рынок криптовалюты «становится более зрелым», но ему еще предстоит пройти путь.

“Right now they’re [institutional investors] small … about $700 billion dollars of money in bitcoin right now, of that roughly one percent of it is institutional money,” said Currie.

Карри, who is the global head of commodities and research, also said bitcoin is a defensive asset similar to gold. He raised gold’s $3 trillion market, saying some of that money could be allocated to cryptocurrency.

“Right now all of the cryptocurrencies have about a trillion [доллары], let’s say it grows to $2 триллион, then you just do the simple math – how many coins are out there divided by that, and you can end up with a fair value.”

That valuation assessment could help provide a long-term equilibrium, but the in and outflows of money in bitcoin create a lot of volatility and a lot of uncertainty that made it difficult to forecast, Currie said.

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Источник: Coindesk

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