BlockFi CEO Zac Prince agrees with United States Senator Elizabeth Warren that there is a lot of noise in the crypto industry. Все еще, he expects that the clarity that comes with regulations will positively impact the ecosystem.

Describing regulators’ interest in crypto as a natural evolution of the technology, Prince said that discussions like Wednesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearings are very positive trends overall for the crypto sector.

It’s easy to miss the forest for al the trees, он сказал, highlighting that crypto is an asset class that has generated substantial wealth for millions of people. “It’s been the best performing asset class in seven out of the last ten years," он сказал.

The crypto industry is creating lots of new jobs across the board, Prince noted, заявляя, “This is something that we want to continue to happen in America.”

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Asked about his opinion on the impending regulations on cryptocurrencies, he said that he expects the rules to be favorable for the business:

«Нормативная ясность позволяет таким компаниям, как BlockFi, продолжать внедрять инновации.. Это позволяет потребителям и инвесторам с максимальной уверенностью участвовать в этом секторе ».

Эта неделя, the Senate Banking Committee discussed a U.S. government-backed central bank digital currency in a session where Senator Warren took a generally critical stance against crypto.

Calling crypto a “fourth-rate alternative to real currency” and a “lousy investment,” she then went on to call Dogecoin (СОБАКА) a “bogus” currency. Warren said that the volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them unsuitable as a medium of exchange.