Skincoin Aims to Become an Irreplaceable Cryptocurrency in the Online Gaming Market

The online gaming and eSports industry have a lot of fan following. The market players in the segment rarely shy away from using the latest of the technologies. Realizing the opportunity and to further add value to the sector, Alexey Zakharov and Igor Solomatin have introduced Skincoin.

Skincoin is a unique cryptocurrency, designed exclusively for the online gaming community. The Skincoin tokens (SKIN) can be used to trade game skins, wager bets on gambling and eSports platforms and more. The token will be accompanied by its own cryptocurrency ecosystem, including wallets, exchange and trading platforms, marketplace, third party integrations and even its own range of product offerings.

Created using Ethereum blockchain, SKIN is an ERC20 compatible token with loads of potential. In order to facilitate the development of its entire ecosystem and gain an active community following, the cryptocurrency has announced the launch of its ICO. The crowdsale will allow investors to purchase 600 million SKIN at the price of 1 ETH/ 6000 SKIN. With the goal of raising 100,000 ETH, the platform accepts only Ethereum contributions and offers a 20% bonus to those investing during the first two days of the ICO, set to begin on 21 June 2017.

Skincoin has already presented its development roadmap to offer a clear picture of the team’s grand vision. Under continued development, Skincoin can potentially reach out to over 3 million individuals in a market worth at least $5 billion as per previous year’s estimates.

Skincoin has already partnered with few platforms frequented by players of some of the popular game titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. Skincoin envisions itself to be in the center of the online gaming universe, as an accepted currency on gaming services, betting services, online gaming stores, and marketplaces. To make the vision a reality, Skincoin has already partnered with few online gaming platforms and has plans to launch its own trading platform in August 2017. Eventually, the platform intends to have its own gaming services, making it an irreplaceable element in the gaming industry.

Source: Newsbtc