Skincoin, the Currency for Online Gaming and eSports Announces ICO

The gaming industry is known to adapt to innovation like fish to water. The implementation of cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology within games and among gamers doesn’t come as a surprise. Leading the front is Skincoin (SKIN), a cryptocurrency created mainly, but not limited to the gaming industry.

Skincoin is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum platform, developed for use within game ecosystems, to trade in-game digital goods, to place bets on online eSports and gaming platforms and more. Skincoin can be readily used to buy skins for various popular game titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2, Team Fortress 2 and more.

Led by a team of experienced professionals, Skincoin is on a mission to grab a chunk of the global gaming market. The platform has realized a huge market in the Skins industry as it found out that in 2015 alone over 3 million people wagered almost $2.3 billion worth of skins on eSports platforms. The figures have since then exhibited a positive trend doubling within a span of one year, making it ready for a disruptive technology.

Skincoin is already in the process of forming partnerships with other services in the online gaming and eSports industry to create a wholesome cryptocurrency driven ecosystem. For the development process to keep up with the recently released roadmap, the team has announced its plans to hold a crowdsale of its Skincoin tokens.

The Skincoin ICO campaign set to go live on June 21, 2017, looks forward to raising a minimum of 10000 ETH. As Skincoin aims to become the go-to cryptocurrency for gaming needs, investors can join the revolutionary project by participating in the ICO. Those taking part in the crowdsale during the first two days will receive a 20% bonus. Otherwise, every ETH deposit will get them 6000 SKINS.

The total number of tokens on the Skincoin ecosystem has been set at 1 billion, out of which 600 million will be made available during the ICO. Another 300 million SKINS will by held by the Skincoin Foundation and used to fund the development, marketing, and expansion related to the project. Finally, the remaining 100 million SKINS will be distributed amongst the team members.

The ICO will be available on the website.

Source: Newsbtc