Success Stories of eToro Crypto CopyFund Investors, Safe Cryptocurrency Investment

Previously, NewsBTC reported on the release of the eToro Crypto CopyFund, an online hedge fund-like platform with which users can utilize to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies and maintain a diverse portfolio of crypto assets.

According to various reports and the portfolios of popular eToro Crypto CopyFund users, investors have already started to demonstrate high returns through the eToro Crypto CopyFund, with some users recording substantially high returns from cryptocurrency investments enough to maintain a consistent stream of revenue.

One of the most popular success stories involving the eToro Crypto CopyFund has been the story of Liam Davies from Sheffield, a student at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to his exposure to the relatively new asset class in cryptocurrencies and the eToro Crypto CopyFund 12 months ago, Davies had worked at part time jobs just to finance his education and cover the tuition fee at the University of Edinburgh.

However, with pressure mounting from the university and the amount of work required by the institution increasing as days pass by, Sheffield actively investigated into various methods to generate consistent revenue streams. Ultimately, Sheffield ended up in the cryptocurrency market, which is arguably still at its early stage, and was introduced to the eToro Crypto CopyFund.

Today, Sheffield is able to focus full time on his education and spend less than 2 hours on a daily basis to manage his investments. The CopyFund, which essentially is a social trading platform, enables beginner cryptocurrency investors including Sheffield to copy the investment methods of successful cryptocurrency investors such as Alex Plesk, who has recorded over 100 percent in return over the past 12 months.

“I was a complete novice. I knew very little about financial markets, and made some mistakes early on that lost me money. If you’re short of time, or just starting out and have very little knowledge, features like ‘Copy Trader’ allow you to fast-track the learning curve and get investing,” Sheffield explained.

More importantly, Sheffield emphasized that the Crypto CopyFund and its social trading platform has allowed him to focus on his studies and generate a stable revenue, without having to work at part time jobs as he used to before.

“On average I spend an hour or two a day working on my portfolio. I try to design my trading strategy to fit around my other commitments. My studies are very important so I find it best to make longer term trades which I can check when it suits me. Trading has allowed me to pay for a lot of things. Normally, I would have needed a part-time job instead, so it actually frees up a lot of my time, allowing me to focus on my studies,” added Sheffield.

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