The Number One Way Billionaires Get Rich (And How You Can Too!) · June 23, 2017 · 4:42 am

Ever wonder how most of these millionaires and billionaires got so rich? The answer’s simple.  Take a look at Mark Cuban, who is worth $3 Billion. He made the majority of his money in the dot-com bubble, where his company’s stocks went from $19 to $62 in one day. That kind of price rise sounds a lot like crypto, doesn’t it?

How about Elon Musk? Nowadays, he’s working on world-changing projects like Tesla and SpaceX. But he also got rich during his projects in the dot-com bubble. Projects like Zip2 and PayPal allowed him to make hundreds of millions of dollars to fund his later endeavors. All you had to do was be an investor back then, and you would’ve been rich. The secret to getting rich? Just join promising projects early, especially when things are getting hot.

Let’s face it: crypto, like the dot-com bubble, is a huge opportunity for investors to get rich fast. Mark Cuban has said “I think it’s in a bubble. I just don’t know when or how much it corrects.

Huge numbers of investors are buying ICOs at $10, and selling at $100. If you don’t know what ICOs are, they’re basically initial share offerings for projects. For example, BAT investors already made 10x since their ICO. vDice investors made 20-30x this year since their ICO.

iDice: World's First Mobile Ethereum Blockchain Powered Gambling App Launches ICO

Now, you can’t go back in time and invest in these projects. But you can join similar ICOs in the future. One of the notable projects in this space is iDice, whose ICO will end this week. Investors have joined in by the thousands, and it’s certainly a very hot event. They’ve raised 5000 ETH this week already. Judging by their stats, they’re performing much better than their competitors in terms of bets and popularity already – 2000 bets and 1400 ETH in winnings over the course of two months.

iDice targets the mobile sector, which very few Ethereum-based projects have looked into. This makes them the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app. With these hard stats, it won’t be surprising for iDice to 10x-30x their ICO price in just a few weeks.

To join the iDice ICO, sign up at their crowdsale page: The ICO ends this week, so time is limited. The iDice team has already made contact with exchanges, and the project is likely to see even more popularity after they’re listed.

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