The Second Round Of The Bloomzed Financial Platform’s Tokensale – A Profitable Opportunity To Become An Exclusive Participant Of The Future Of Financial Technologies

“Fintech” is the term which doesn’t leave indifferent the largest players of the international financial market. The financial technologies sphere dynamically develops and has managed to attract attention not only visionaries of banking but also slow state public institutes. However, “fintech” is just the top of an iceberg, covering numerous shortcomings of the current financial system, but not capable to change the rules of the game in general. What can replace such a fundamental, widespread system? Practice shows that the blockchain technology is perfect for these purposes.

Bloomzed – is not another payment service provider, it is something more than this. It is a platform, decision, call.

The technology is on the third round of development that already allows creating the whole platforms the startups surpassing in the functionality and efficiency of many fintech start-ups that are ready to be a serious competition to the banking sector, according to experts. Such platform is now created by specialists of the Bloomzed company.

The Bloomzed project is the modular decision allowing to cover all requirements connected with the financial activity of both physical, and legal entities in the international format. Creators have set the ambitious task with the use of modern technologies storage, data processing and analysis, understanding together what decisions have been used and already are successfully tested by the first clients of the company.

The loyalty of clients is a merit of functionality and systematization of Bloomzed platform services.

Initially the platform was under construction for the business interests, however, nobody will begin to argue that business without clients doesn’t exist. Therefore, I suggest, to begin with, the analysis of decisions for individuals. The section of services for individuals can be divided conditionally into six directions, in each of which the advanced technology solutions have been used, namely:

  • Identification services (Biometrics, Tokenization, Multilevel Authentication, Digital confirmation of data authenticity)
  • Financial services (Multiplatform and multiple currency application, Cryptocurrencies, support of NFC technologies, QR, USSD, Bluetooth Smart, and others. Payments, transfers, and storage for every type of money are available too)
  • Investment services (Center of the currency exchange, Virtual depositary, Direct and institutional investments, Trust management)
  • Systems of rendering of services (Debt, Insurance, Digital shop of goods and services, Tickets, and other)
  • The loyalty systems (The uniform system of loyalty (discounts, bonuses, cashback), the Multilevel system of cashback and bonuses, Gift certificates, Subscriptions and Direct communications with service providers)
  • Accounting systems (Personal accountant, Detailed statistics, Transparent accounting system)

The Bloomzed project undertakes a duty to provide the best customer experience for these services by forces their own experts. It attracts the decisions from pioneers of development of the above-stated technologies, but also guarantees smoothness of transition to the platform due to support of the current, widespread standards (support of the International payment service providers, the Systems of the translations and Internet wallets, Platforms of a currency exchange and Exchange hubs). All of this has allowed creating the most functional and convenient system for ordinary users for the satisfaction of daily requirements.

Creation, functioning and development of any business – the Bloomzed platform main focus.

The number of the supported standards and services hardly fits into one article therefore we will disassemble only the main modules as for services for legal entities and entrepreneurs:

  • Identification services (the increased amount of information concerning individuals)
  • Financial services (Independent multiplatform application, Acquiring, Physical decisions for carrying out, storage and financial transactions accounting)
  • Investment services (full access to the financial and investment markets for ensuring a fully functioning company and increase in profitability)
  • Services of Crowdfunding and capital turnover (the systems of fundraising, the publication of the company shares to attract the capital and search for the new partners)
  • A platform for the shop creation (Creation, Conducting activity, Scaling of virtual and physical service station of clients)
  • Channels of realization and sales markets (Digital shop of goods and services, search of clients, audience analysis, advertising and marketing tools)
  • The loyalty programs (The uniform system of loyalty, Gift certificates, Direct communications with clients and suppliers)
  • Accounting systems (Detailed statistics, Transparent accounting system, Accounting and Audit Services)

Moreover, creators of the Bloomed project understand that the realities allow to wash away somehow legal and temporary borders for individual clients of the advanced technology solutions and standards, then it is not enough for businessmen and impresarios. There are many actions for legalization of business and its legal transparency planned in the company for this reason. That gives the choice for clients: to conduct an open activity or to protect the activity from some fixed observation of supervisory authorities.

It is sure, the reader has seen a certain correlation of the provided services for natural and legal entities. I assure you, this is not an accident. As it is technologically large-scale project it is difficult to describe within one article all of its features, here and now we could catch a certain feeling of interrelation of all modules of the platform. However, if gets acquainted with the Whitepaper of the Bloomzed company it is possible to be convinced that the platform is worked out to trifles and creators have squeezed out maximum efficiency for the participant of each process, and for all connected directions, and their consumers.

Current opportunities for Bloomzed and the Bloomzed Crypto Club Privileges.

So, we have just realized the platform’s potential capable to change the current foundations of financial and business sectors, but what is offered by the company? The most of technologies are developed and introduced. There are testing and final operational development of the mechanism for no-failure and high-speed operation of the platform. Now (from January 17, 2018, to February 17, 2018) there passes the Second round of primary release of the own crypto – tokens an event under the name Token Generation Event (TGE) within which is planned to sell 45 000 000 tokens of BZT.

So, the Bloomzed platform plans to release 100 000 000 BZT tokens, from which 50 000 000 BZT will be available to participants of Bloomzed Crypto Club. Other tokens are going to ensure forward development and promotion of the platform in the international market of financial services. These tokens are created with the purpose to support a community of visionaries of financial technologies, and to give them exclusive conditions of use and exclusive opportunities and platform’s bonuses, other than opportunities for ordinary users. The most attractive functions are:

  • Special conditions on products and services of the company’s marketplace (bonuses and discounts, exclusive offers)
  • The reduced service fees
  • The increased profitability from financial instruments of the platform
  • Access to the multilevel loyalty system of cashback and bonuses
  • Direct participation in the company development by the vote and the offer of the new ideas
  • Access to test functions and functions with limited access.

Moreover, there are additional bonuses for the participants till February 17, 2018 (the termination of the second round of tokens sale):

  • 3 000–5 000 tokens of BZT – 3% of bonuses;
  • 5 001–10 000 tokens of BZT – 5% of bonuses;
  • 10 001–15 000 tokens of BZT – 7% of bonuses;
  • from 15 001 tokens of BZT more – 10% of bonuses.

There is a referral bonus program which is also called the partner program. Cost during the second round 1 BZT = 0,002 Eth. The minimum number of tokens to purchase – 250 BZT that is equivalent of 0,5 ETH, maximum – it is limited only to existence of the released BZT.

Summing up the result, it is possible to say surely that, positive prospects in the development plan for the market of electronic commerce and rendering financial services, don’t give the chance to doubt successful development of the Bloomzed platform. A successful completion of the first broadcast warm welcome from investors guarantee interest from future clients. To learn the project more detailed, to get to know its concept and the Road map, to take part in the second round of BZT tokensale on profitable terms is possible on the official Bloomzed website. Also, you can follow it on Bloomzed pages in social networks.

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