The UTRUST ICO: Innovating Digital Currency Payments

Do you also believe that digital tokens should be more than just financial speculatory assets? If yes, then you are not alone as even the UTRUST team believes the same.  This revolutionary platform provides a simple, affordable, and security-conscious payment in the cryptocurrency market. They are taking online payments and trust to a whole new level. While providing protection for your digital currencies online, UTRUST also ensures that undertaking transactions online with your digital tokens become an easy, seamless task.

That’s why you should join the UTRUST ICO

UTRUST’s ICO has started from the 2nd of November, and you wouldn’t want to be left out. With a system that will provide not just a token sale, but an investment and a payment platform in itself, this ICO is going to change the way we all invest, spend, and store our cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Apart from providing seamless token spending and investment platform, the ICO also allow you to spend your tokens. The catch? Those investing in the platform stand a chance to witness the value of tokens grow with the rising popularity of the cryptocurrency platform.

UTRUST’s ICO’s Investment options: the choice is yours.

The ICO comes with different payment options. If you are somebody who uses bitcoin, then you can go the bitcoin way. If you don’t use bitcoin, you have an option of investing using the Ethereum platform, in which case, you will invest with the Ether.

Why you shouldn’t wait longer

With an investment platform that offers you a payment solution in the digital payment ecosystem, as well as state-of-the-art protection, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest.

The UTRUST platform has already gained prominence following its recently concluded pre-ICO round. The company, in a very short period of time managed to raise 5 percent of the targeted amount, representing $50,000,000, which was sold out following the launch on August 28, 2017. The creators of the platform, with this success rate believe that they are on the right path to creating a go-to solution for digital payments where buyer and seller security is assured.

The November 2nd ICO comes at $0.065 per token. UTRUST will be looking at getting 70 percent of its target during this ICO sale, which will be representing $45,500,000 dollars, which is a lot to be raised.

Opportunities don’t come always. Take the chance to be part of something bigger, better, and security oriented. Join the ICO now.

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