Guggenheim cho biết nhu cầu tổ chức không đủ để giữ BTC trên 30 nghìn đô la

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd has come out with another gloomy price outlook for Bitcoin stating that there is not enough institutional demand to keep the asset over $30,000.

The chief investment officer of the financial services firm told Bloomberg Television the institutional investor base was not big enough to sustain the current prices.

"Ngay bây giờ, the reality of the institutional demand that would support a US$35,000 price or even a US$30,000 price is just not there. Tôi không nghĩ rằng cơ sở nhà đầu tư đủ lớn và đủ sâu ngay bây giờ để hỗ trợ loại định giá này. "

Minerd added that Bitcoin is still a viable asset class in the long run. Since its all-time high of $42,000 on January 8, Bitcoin has corrected 27% to current prices around $30,600. Three prominent lower highs on the chart suggest that the downtrend is strengthening.

The Guggenheim executive also thinks that this downward pressure has a lot further to go, adding that it is “not uncommon to see squeezes like this”:

“Now that we have all these small investors in the market and they see this kind of momentum trade, they see the opportunity to make money and this is exactly the sort of frothiness that you would expect as you start to approach a market pop.”

Vào tháng Một 20, Minerd told CNBC that he expects prices to fully retrace back to $20,000. If this scenario plays out, it would entail a correction of more than 50%, and that has happened several times during previous market cycles. Lần cuối cùng BTC giảm hơn một nửa là vào tháng 3 2020 khi nó giảm từ chỉ hơn $10,000 xuống dưới $5,000 chỉ trong ba tuần.

Guggenheim has not changed its stance on the long term outlook for Bitcoin, Tuy nhiên, with Minerd stating in December that the firm’s fundamental work has shown that Bitcoin could be worth about $400,000.

As Bitcoin approaches this psychological support level at $30,000, the imminent expiry of $4 billion in BTC options could favor the bulls according to analysts.

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Nguồn: Cointelegraph

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