Đây là bao nhiêu của bạn $1,200 Kiểm tra kích thích sẽ có giá trị trong nhiều loại tiền điện tử khác nhau trong 2021

Crypto had started to bull in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Most thought that the financial markets would suffer greatly when most of the world went into lockdown, this would turn out to not be the case. Although the various markets had experienced price crashes at the beginning of the pandemic. Sau đó, markets started to pick back up. Both stocks and the cryptocurrency markets had recovered even past their various points before the crash.

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The recovery was at various points attributed to governments providing relief for citizens who could not work in the form of stimulus checks. These were to enable individuals who could not afford it to be able to stay home and also have their basic needs met. Governments even went as far as announcing rent and mortgage freezes across the country. In a bid to keep everyone in a home.

These checks were spent by most on food. Because in reality, the checks were meant for people whose incomes were not enough to see them through a lockdown. Others though who could afford it had either invested part or all of their stimulus checks. Some of these investments were in cryptocurrencies.

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Stimulus checks were basically regarded by some as “free money.” Money that they would do with as they pleased. While some lamented the negative effects of printing that much money in such a short time, others saw this as an opportunity. This “free money” going into the market most likely played a part in the tremendous bull run that would then follow. A bull run that saw new all-time highs across the market.

But this leads to the question; if a person had invested their $1,200 stimulus checks issued by the U.S. government back in April of 2020, how much would that investor have across various assets? This report will answer that questions, putting the numbers into perspective.

What A $1,200 Crypto Investment Would Net Investors

To start out, we will look at bitcoin. Nếu $1,200 was invested into bitcoin back in April 2020, in current August prices, that investment would be worth about $9,000. The price of BTC has risen over 600% kể từ đó.

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Next would be Ethereum. Putting a $1,200 stimulus check in Ethereum back in 2020, tại thời điểm này, the investor would have over $22,500. This is an even higher price than BTC given that the price of ETH has outperformed the price of BTC for the past year.

Other altcoins besides Ethereum have also done very well in the past year. These include DOGE, CÓ, SOL, and HEX. $1,200 put in DOGE would be worth over $200,000 hiện nay. A $1,200 investment ADA would be worth over $90,000. SOL would presently be worth over $120,000. Và cuối cùng nhưng không kém phần quan trọng, a $1,200 investment in HEX would be worth over $300,000 trong 2021.

Crypto total market cap chart from TradingView.com

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These numbers go to show the absolutely massive returns that the cryptocurrency market can bring. Although this is largely dependent on the investor’s ability to hold through every peak and trough until the assets get to this point.

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