Các nhà giao dịch chuyên nghiệp mua giá Bitcoin giảm trong khi các nhà đầu tư bán lẻ đuổi theo các altcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has been struggling to sustain the $55,000 support level for the past 16 ngày, or basically since the April 17 record-high $5 billion long contracts liquidation. The rejection that took place after the $64,900 all-time high had a devastating impact on the sentiment of retail traders, as measured by the perpetual futures funding rate significant drop.

Tuy nhiên, despite Bitcoin’s recent underperformance and today’s 6.5% drop, pro traders have been buying the dip for the past 24 giờ. These whales and arbitrage desk movements are reflected in the OKEx futures long-to-short ratio, as well as Bitfinex’s margin lending markets. As this buying occurs, retail traders are mainly quiet, which is reflected in the neutral perpetual funding rate.

USDT-margined perpetual futures 8-hour funding rate. Nguồn: Bybt

Như mô tả ở trên, the perpetual futures (hoán đổi nghịch đảo) 8-hour funding rate has been below 0.05% for the past couple of weeks. For the end-of-month contracts, prices vastly differ from regular spot exchanges, reflecting the imbalance from longs and shorts leverage.

This discrepancy is why retail traders tend to prefer perpetual futures, albeit with the varying carry cost caused by the funding rate changes.

The current 8-hour fee is equivalent to a 1% weekly rate, signaling a slight imbalance on longs. Tuy nhiên, this level is well below the 0.10% and higher rates seen in early April. This data is clear evidence that retail traders aren’t comfortable adding Bitcoin long positions despite the 9% correction in two days.

Mặt khác, the top traderslong-to-short indicator reached its highest level in 30 ngày, signaling buying activity from whales and arbitrage desks. Chỉ số này được tính toán bằng cách phân tích vị trí hợp nhất của khách hàng tại chỗ, hợp đồng vĩnh viễn và tương lai. Kết quả là, nó cung cấp một cái nhìn rõ ràng hơn về việc liệu các nhà giao dịch chuyên nghiệp đang nghiêng về xu hướng tăng hay giảm.

OKEx top traders long-to-short ratio. Nguồn: Bybt

Như được trình bày ở trên, the current OKEx futures long-to-short ratio currently favors longs by 94%. This buying activity was initiated in the early hours of May 4, as Bitcoin broke below $55,000. Quan trọng hơn, it signals even more confidence than April 14, when BTC hiked to its $64,900 cao nhất mọi thời đại.

Tuy nhiên, to confirm whether this movement is widespread, one should also evaluate margin markets. Ví dụ, the leading exchange (Bitfinex) holds over $1.8 billion worth of leveraged Bitcoin positions.

Giá BTC (trái cam, left) vs. Bitfinex long-to-short margin ratio (màu xanh da trời, đúng). Nguồn: TradingView

Bitfinex shows spectacular growth in the BTC margin markets with longs over 50x the amount borrowed by shorts. These levels are unprecedented in the exchange’s history and confirm the data from OKEx’s futures markets.

There’s no doubt that professional traders are ultra-bullish despite today’s Bitcoin dip. As for the lack of appetite from retail traders, their focus seems to be currently on altcoins.

Hiện tại, 18 của hàng đầu 50 altcoins have rallied 45% or higher in the past 30 ngày.

Câu hỏi là, can the altcoin rally continue if BTC fails to produce a new all-time high over the next couple of weeks?

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