VIPole Private Messenger Taking Bitcoin Payment Security to a New Height

We live in the world where security has become a mainstream topic now and data privacy is an on-going concern for all of us. With a number of high-profile privacy and security breaches, ranging from celebrities to businesses to individual users, even the average users are now keen about how secure their devices and data is. The blockchain industry or the cryptocurrency market is not an exception, where investors and prospects are even keener about this aspect because of their online transactions, payments and deposits. VIPole Secure Messenger, recently announced by VIPole, a UK based international solutions provider for secured communications for all kinds of platforms, is being taken as a great initiative taken by the company to join the digital currency world.

About VIPole Private Messenger

VIPole Private Messenger gives millions of users spread across the world, the ability to safely transact with cryptocurrency for making in-app purchases, renewal of service subscription for business and personal accounts, buying secured team solutions and so on.

  • But How is the Data secured in VIPole?

The app is protected by a fool-proof encryption process consisting of secret-phrase-mode to generate encryption keys, and then password as an additional protection layer. This works like an instant messenger but is equipped with full end-to-end encryption from beginning till end, making data stored on devices and encrypted servers. This secure communication mechanism is applied on all communication modes including instant messages, calls, video calls, notes, file exchanges, password storage, organizer, group chats and notes. No third party can view the contents.

The Security of Bitcoin Payments…

  • The Rise of Bitcoin as a Popular currency

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a popular currency to pay for products and services. Big investment firms, giant retail chains, airlines and fintech companies are being seen integrating bitcoin payment in their system, using the blockchain technology, since past few years. Despite the recent minor fluctuation in value, bitcoin is still grabbing the 50 percent of cryptocurrency market share, with total coins’ value of around $41,407,392,411.93.

  • VIPole securing the bitcoin transactions

VIPole started accepting digital currency since it is the most secure and flexible method of payment over the market-place, at present. The team can foresee a huge benefit if the secure nature of cryptographic is applied to payments since it would significantly decrease chargeback fraud as well as limit the possible risks that occur due to identity theft.

Christoper Miller, Head of Development at VIPole, states that the company has successfully met the requests raised by VIPole users for bitcoin payments. The recent changes have made the payments flexible and secure across the platform.

  • VIPole Private Messenger’s Best Features

This messenger allows fully featured reliable communications with end to end encryption. The platform is user-friendly, equally suitable for teams and individuals, and expands functionality across messages, calls, video calls, group chats, conference calls, file and data sharing & storage, password management and data integrity. The customized safety options put this unique experience to a new height.  

What’s coming Next?

In his speech, Miller also revealed that in view of growing user base, the company has been planning to accommodate other cryptocurrencies in future including Ethereum, which is the second most popular and growing cryptocurrency after bitcoin.  

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