Where is the Collaboration between DAO.Casino & Changelly Leading at?

The recent partnership between DAO.Casino, an open ecosystem for betting titles, and Changelly, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is buzzing in the blockchain market nowadays. DAO.Casino is an online, decentralized gambling protocol that has long been collaboratively working with a cryptocurrency exchange of Changelly to bring an enhanced and more convenient platform for the users. The collaboration between the two giants is aimed to lead the players at a point where they can instantly buy the native BET tokens on the platform. User-friendly interface and instant BET token purchase are the major objectives of this partnership.

When the Philosophies Combine

DAO.Casino tends to leverage upon the meaningful interaction and cooperation between platform’s players, a factor that brings success in the crypto-world. By entering such partnerships, the company believes to enhance the trust level among project’s stakeholders, while enabling uplifted convenience for the users, at the same time. This philosophy of DAO.Casino is prominently reflected in its extensive list of working partnerships and fellow partners that the company expects to grow over time.

By partnering with Changelly’s cryptocurrency exchange platform, DAO.Casino is now able to integrate this service into its own ecosystem, enabling its players to easily and instantly purchase BET tokens, without any hassle or passing through a lengthy mechanism. Before that, the players had to pass through a time-consuming process consisting of multiple steps, to buy tokens on other exchanges and then transfer these to their wallets.

Konstantin Gladych, the CEO, and co-owner of Changelly, while dressing the DAO.Casino members stated that the exchange service is aimed to make mechanism convenient for the players of DAO.Casino, backed by their exclusive technology.

Facilitating the players

Players are satisfied with this collaboration since Changelly is the exchange service characterized by secure and straight modes of trading for any of the listed tokens. The exchange ensures the best rates and fool-proof security. DAO.Casino, not requiring any trusted intermediary and being based on Ethereum, is also taken as a rewarding platform for all developers, community members and auditors for their respective contributions. Here, players can find and play scam-free games by easily accessing the front end platforms via a user-friendly interface.

To know more about the synergies this collaboration is expected to create, please visit https://github.com/DaoCasino/Whitepaper/blob/master/DAO.Casino%20WP.md

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