WWAM: Decentralized Mobile Exchanges

As the United Kingdom and countries around the world threaten to crank up the pressure on large messaging service’s use of end to end encryption to secure communications, another solution to slow governmental intrusion materialized in the form of the blockchain. Several companies in the blockchain technology space has set out to tackle the impending limitations on encryption, with a few in the midst of preparations for an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise funds for the projects. One in particular that has a high potential for disrupting the anonymous messaging space is a service called World Wide Anonymous Messaging Service (WWAM).

More than a simple currency, WWAM uses the capability of the blockchain to provide a secured messaging protocol that is available to the masses. According to the founder, the main goal of WWAM is to allow users to communicate in a totally secured manner thanks to a strong built in PGP and ECC security. Another intriguing feature of the WWAM system is a hallmark of companies in the blockchain technology space: decentralization. WWAM leverages the blockchain’s decentralized state to create a messaging system that does not rely on a central authority; only a network of nodes with zero knowledge principles to keep their users safe from malicious theft of information. WWAM plans to use a large network of nodes to make it almost impossible for an attacker to control enough nodes to access the internet protocol (IP) address of a specific user.

Although several companies have focused on using blockchain technology to disrupt the anonymous messaging space, WWAM feels that what sets them apart from the competition is their reliability. The WWAM system leverages the blockchains built in data storage capabilities that are secured by cryptography to avoid losses of messages, falsification, or hijacking of accounts.

Even though intrusive governments and increasing vulnerabilities of traditional messaging protocols inspired the birth of companies like WWAM, the blockchain is the real driving factor behind these new secure messaging protocols. The ability for companies to utilize the blockchain’s storage capabilities and the anonymity of cryptocurrency has caused an explosion of disruptive companies to attempt to tackle the weakening of encryption protocols around the world. With companies like WWAM leading the charge, the new blockchain backed messaging wave may take the future of secure messaging out of lawmaker’s hands.

WWAM ICO ends September 9th, to contribute visit: http://wwam.io/ico

Source: Newsbtc