1INCH price rallies 30% as its monthly DEX volume nears $6 十亿

This week the total value locked in DeFi platforms reached a new high at $26.2 billion and this record high was achieved even as Bitcoin price appeared to be slipping into a downtrend.

This asymmetrical performance from DeFi-tokens suggests the sector has staying power and the ecosystem built up around DeFi platforms is likely to have a far reaching impact that may even alter the way traditional finance operates.

As DeFi protocols gain traction, decentralized exchange (敏捷) aggregators have also emerged among the thriving trading and staking market. 1inch protocol sources liquidity from different DEXs and executes the token swaps at the best rate in one single transaction. This saves users from having to pay high gas fees on each asset swap that might occur as the transaction from, take for example, Bitcoin to wrapped Bitcoin then the desired asset takes place.

在过去的 2 周数, 1INCH, the exchanges utility and governance token has rallied more than 135% and the current trading volume and TVL suggest that there is room for further price appreciation.

1inch (1INCH) Binance的代币价格. 资源: 交易视图

Upon listing 1INCH price fell from $2.85 在十二月, 25 2020 至 $0.75 by Dec, 29 2020 but the current features offered by the exchange are clearly underpinning the current interest seen in the token.

By offering an entirely non-custodial service, 1inch exchange is backed by smart contracts that are seamlessly integrated with the most popular DEXs, including Uniswap, Balancer, Kyber Network and more. 目前, 1inch does not charge fees for its service, apart from the gas cost of transactions.

此外, transactions on 1inch are up to 40% cheaper due to its CHI GasToken by taking advantage of the Ethereum network’sstorage refundon GAS costs. Other projects such as Curve have also adopted this ERC-20 token to cover Ethereum transaction fees.

Total Value Locked (TVL) ranking. 资源: debank.com

Launched on Dec. 25, the 1INCH token behind the 1inch DEX aggregator and it currently holds the ninth position in DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL) ranking. It is worth mentioning that the Mooniswap decentralized exchange (敏捷) also belongs to 1inch.

Mooniswap is 1inch’s version of Uniswap and as an automated market maker (ADM) its smart contracts are responsible for the ERC-20 tokens-based liquidity pools.

Although currently set to 0%, stakers of 1INCH will benefit from the eventual spread surplus. Whenever a trade gets executed with prices better than the initial quote, this generates a potential gain for 1INCH stakers. Other parameters such as swap fees and a price impact fee might be changed later but this depends on the platform’s governance voting protocols.

It is worth noting that only 6.5% of the 1INCH tokens have been distributed, while another 30% will be allocated over the next four years.

1inch monthly volume. 资源: 沙丘分析

Data from Dune Analytics also reaffirms the projectsstrength in the fast-growing DEX sector. At the moment 1inch processes $6 billion monthly volume and given that one day token holders may benefit from capturing fees, there’s little stopping this rally from continuing.

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