$580M未平仓合约使卡尔达诺 (有) 第三大期货市场

二月. 3, Cardano conducted a hard fork and successfully integrated the Mary upgrade to the testnet, transforming the blockchain into a multiasset network similar to Ethereum.

This event seems to be one of the reasons for the impressive 475% year-to-date rally of ADA, and the altcoin is now causing unexpected ripples in the derivatives markets.

Since the end of December 2020, ADA’s $81-million aggregate futures open interest hiked to the current $580 百万, becoming the third-largest derivatives market, behind Bitcoin (比特币) 和以太 (ETH).

Data indicates this was not purely a technical adjustment, as Cardano’s on-chain and trading metrics vastly outperform Litecoin’s (LTC).

ADA futures aggregate open interest. 资源: 比伯特

A week ago, Litecoin led ADA’s open interest by a 50% or higher margin. That all changed over the past five days, as Litecoin’s aggregate futures position was cut by 40%.

Despite facing a similar price correction to Litecoin’s 30% one between Feb. 20 和 22, ADA had $125-million long contracts liquidations, 大致 19% of the open interest at that time.


Volume is the first and foremost indicator of investorsinterest. 不管价格变动, 交易活跃度低反映了用户群少或缺乏新进入者, which is especially problematic for cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class.

ADA and LTC 3-day average spot trading volume, 美元. 资源: Messari Screener

Although starting from a much lower base three months ago, ADA’s trading volume soared in February, while Litecoin was unable to surpass the $2 billion daily average mark. 与此同时, ADA’s aggregate spot trading volume at exchanges currently sits at $2.8 十亿.

ADA and LTC 7-day average transfers and transactions, 美元. 资源: Coin Metrics

Cardano’s on-chain metrics also provide insight into its rising use and ADA’s rising open interest. Data shows that up to November 2019, both networks shared a similar level of transfer and transaction value. By mid-2020, Cardano took the lead, getting 10 times more on-chain activity. This difference is now 5 times larger.

总体, both trading data and on-chain metrics validate ADA’s futures open interest flipping Litecoin’s.

沃特克斯™ 分数 (绿色) 与. ADA价格. 资源: Cointelegraph Markets专业版

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro illustrates that the number of tweets from unique accounts discussing Cardano is 24% higher than the 30-day average over the past 24 小时. Tweet volume is one component of the VORTECSscore that identified bullish conditions for ADA on Feb. 18, before the recent price surge.

这里表达的观点和意见仅是 作者 并不一定反映Cointelegraph的观点. 每笔投资和交易动作都涉及风险. 您在做出决定时应该进行自己的研究.

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