Bears pressed harder on the market on Aug. 26 比特币之后 (比特币) continued its pullback to an intra-day low at $46,250 and altcoins nursed near double-digit losses.

While most of the market is seeing red, a few altcoins managed to notch notable gains due to exchange listings and new staking opportunities.

Top seven coins with the highest 24-hour price change. 资源: Cointelegraph Markets专业版

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView shows that the biggest gainers over the past 24 hours were COTI, XYO Network (XYO) and Conflux Network (CFX).

COTI rallies after listing on Coinbase

The top-performing coin over the past 24 hours was COTI, an enterprise-grade fintech platform focused on decentralized payments.

沃特克斯™ data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro began to detect a bullish outlook for COTI on Aug. 22, 在最近的价格上涨之前.

VORTECS™ 分数, Cointelegraph专用, 是根据包括市场情绪在内的数据点组合得出的历史和当前市场状况的算法比较, 交易量, 最近的价格走势和Twitter活动.

沃特克斯™ 分数 (绿色) 与. COTI price. 资源: Cointelegraph Markets专业版

如上图所示, VORTECS™ Score for COTI turned solidly green on Aug. 22 and proceeded to climb to a high of 79 在八月. 25, around two hours before the price increased 81% 在第二天.

The burst of momentum for COTI came after it was announced that the token would be listed on Coinbase Pro and Huobi, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trading volume.

XYO volume surges

The XYO Network is comprised of a network of devices that anonymously collect and validate data with a geographic component (geospatial). All data obtained from the tracking devices on the network are stored on the XYO blockchain.

沃特克斯™ data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro began to detect a bullish outlook for XYO on Aug. 21, 在最近的价格上涨之前.

沃特克斯™ 分数 (绿色) 与. XYO price. 资源: Cointelegraph Markets专业版

如上图所示, VORTECS™ Score for XYO climbed into the green zone on Aug. 21 并达到了很高的水平 72, 周围 67 hours before its price increased 36% 在接下来的两天内.

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Conflux Network expands its NFT ecosystem

The Conflux Network is a public, permissionless blockchain network that has the goal of bridging the communities and economies of Asian and Western societies in order to facilitate the secure and interoperable flow of assets and data.

来自 Cointelegraph Markets Pro 和 TradingView 的数据显示,在触及低点后 $0.269 在八月. 25, the price of CFX rallied 40% 达到盘中高点 $0.377 在八月. 26 as its 24-hour trading volume surged by 242% 至 $66 百万.

CFX/USDT 4-hour chart. 资源: 交易视图

The sudden price surge comes as the CFX ecosystem works on building out its NFT ecosystem, and the token appears to have also benefited from recently being listed on the Mexo and Tokocrypto exchanges.

The overall cryptocurrency market capitalization now stands at $1.993 兆, and Bitcoin’s dominance rate is 41.2%.

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