Amber Group 推出 STAR-X 实习计划, 其人才培养计划之一

琥珀集团, the leading crypto finance service provider, announced today the launch of a new internship program, STAR-X, one of its talent nurturing initiatives. The program offers a four-week rotational internship for juniors, seniors, and graduate students from top universities worldwide. The goal is to provide college students with real-world experience and nurture their career opportunities in the crypto industry.

“This internship program is a natural extension of Amber Group’s ongoing efforts to develop and nurture the next generation,” 说过 吴敏, Co-Founder and CEO of Amber Group. “By creating a new pipeline for college students to gain crypto industry work experience, we hope to provide meaningful mentorships and opportunities to the younger generation who will play a key role in the future of crypto finance.”

With a presence in Asia and North America, the Hong-Kong-based crypto unicorn Amber Group has a global team of nearly 400 employees from diverse backgrounds. Successful candidates of the program begin their internship in Amber’s Sales department for the first two weeks, then rotate into other departments such as Marketing, 贸易, and Business Analysis.

For this pilot year, a total of six students from Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), New York University (NYU), and Boston University (BU) 被选中.

“I’ve heard a lot of ‘rumors’ about crypto before starting this internship, 哪一个, 很遗憾, has meant bad news,” said Chang, a STAR-X intern who is a sophomore at NYU. “然而, Amber Group provides me with an opportunity to dig into the crypto industry and learn about the broader ecosystem.”

Andy Zeng, another STAR-X intern who is a sophomore at Harvard, was fascinated by the potential of non-fungible tokens (非金融机构). “NFTs, 一般来说, have a bright future due to their unparalleled versatility,” Zeng wrote in a 20-page NFT report that he finished during the internship and where he presented a dozen pieces of NFTs he owns.

“The crypto space needs greater participation of the younger generations. And NFTs act as a perfect segue for the digitally native generation,” 说过 黄安娜, Partner at Amber Group. ”We are delighted to launch this program and bring their unique perspectives and talents to the industry.”

The STAR-X internship program adds to Amber Group’s various talent development initiatives. According to Forkast News, Amber Group intends to boost its global headcount to 1,200. With such ambitious growth plans, the company welcomes talented individuals from all backgrounds in various roles in trading, 技术, engineering, 金融, operations, and business development across Asia, North America, and Europe. Interested applicants can visit Amber Group’s career page:


Amber Group 是全球领先的加密金融服务提供商之一, 操作 24/7 在香港设有办事处, 台北, 汉城, 和温哥华. 至今, Amber Group has raised a total of $128 million in funding from China Renaissance Group, 老虎环球管理, DCM Ventures, Tiger Brokers, Sky9 Capital, 竞技场控股, Tru Arrow Partners, 一种&T Capital, Gobi Partners, Paradigm, 黑豹资本, Coinbase风险投资,, Polychain Capital, 蜻蜓资本, and Fenbushi Capital. 了解更多信息, 请访问

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