Bison Trails通过关键基础设施支持Crypto.com的支付区块链

Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails has announced another major industry partnership, this time with, a leading digital currency exchange looking to bring familiar transactional use cases to cryptocurrency markets.

Bison Trails is providing key infrastructure to,’s public, open-source payments blockchain. As part of the mainnet launch, Bison Trails will provide reliable validator node infrastructure to optimize validation and governance participation.

In terms of technical specifications, Bison Trails will support the mainnet launch with participate clusters, query & transact clusters and seed nodes, the company explained. As Cointelegraph recently explained, Bison’s participate clusters feature two components to enhance security — validator nodes hosted in a private network and sensory nodes that interface between the validators and public blockchain.

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, described Bison Trails as an “invaluable partner” in the launch of the Chain. 他解释:

“This is a pivotal moment in our company that brings us closer to our vision of making crypto assets and transactions accessible to everyone.”

The Chain beta run processed 275 million transactions, 公司说. The Chain will initially be supported by Pay, a cashback payment solution.

正如Cointelegraph最近报道的那样, has become a principal member of the Visa network in Australia, a move that coincides with the company’s efforts to expand its crypto credit card services. The company was the first to launch a crypto-backed Visa card in 2018. Cryptocurrency-backed credit cards have grown in popularity ever since, with the likes of Gemini exchange and BlockFi announcing cashback rewards cards.

Bison Trails has inked several high-profile partnerships recently. The company was acquired in January 2021 by Coinbase in a deal that would allow Bison to continue operating as a standalone product.

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