Bitcoin Nearly Taps $29,000 as Bull Run Continues

Bitcoin nearly tapped $29,000 this morning as the bull run has continued. The leading cryptocurrency is up 5% 以往 24 小时, having pushed from the $27,000 区域到 $28,900 in the latest leg higher.

Bitcoin currently trades for $28,750 as bulls have failed to surmount the $29,000 抵抗性.

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Altcoins are underperforming during this rally higher.

Ethereum has only gained 3% 以往 24 小时, underperforming Bitcoin’s rally. This has been a large trend of the past year, with BTC strongly outperforming altcoins as it sucks the air out of the 替代币

Altcoin被定义为除比特币以外的任何加密货币. “ Altcoin”是两个词的组合: “替代比特币”或“替代硬币”. 结束了 1,500 altcoins计划发布更多.

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This may largely be due to the composition of investors that are entering the cryptocurrency market. Where retail investors often push altcoins higher, institutional players are focusing their efforts on Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin ETF Filed

This latest leg higher comes as it was revealed that digital asset-friendly exchange-traded fund firm VanEck has once again filed for a Bitcoin ETF with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Bitcoin Nearly Taps $29,000 as Bull Run Continues

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