Coinbase 将投资 10% 其未来在加密货币中的利润

Coinbase has announced that it plans to invest 10% of all profits in crypto. The exchange is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world and with their profit margins, 10% will be a big investment going into crypto. All crypto purchases with crypto will be kept on the balance sheet going forward. And the CEO expects this percentage to go up with time.

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The exchange has recorded massive profits for the last year alone. Coinbase had announced a total profit of $.17 billion back in 2020. If this directive was in place then, Coinbase would have been putting $170 million in crypto holdings just for 2020 单独. Profit margins for 2021 are projected to be even larger for the year 2021. Given that the company had earlier gone public in the year. Increasing its total valuation.

It has previously been disclosed back in February that the exchange held crypto on its balance sheets, which is not a surprise. Their foremost offering is a way for people to exchange their crypto for both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. According to Brett Tejpaul, a Coinbase executive, the company has actually held bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its balance sheet since its founding in 2012. With plans to continue investing in crypto projects that they see long-term potential in.

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At the time of this disclosure though, it was not revealed the specific assets that the company held on its balance sheets. Bitcoin was the only specific one named, while others were kept secret.

Coinbase Puts $500 Million In Crypto

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently took to Twitter to announce that they had received approval from the board to purchase $500 million worth of crypto to put on the company’s balance sheet.

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Following the purchase, the company had to file a disclosure with the SEC outlining the crypto-assets that they had purchased. The report showed that the company had spent the majority of the allocated funds on Bitcoin. With significant investments made into the second leading cryptocurrency in the market, 以太坊. The disclosure outlines that $238 million was spent on cryptocurrencies, 与 $230 百万投资于比特币, while the remaining $53 million was invested in Ethereum.

The figures in the disclosure also included the allocation of 10% of the company’s profits into cryptocurrencies, bringing the complete total in the disclosure to $500 百万. 向前走, the company plans to strengthen its positions in both Bitcoin and Ethereum with future profits. And is interested in opening positions in other promising cryptocurrencies as well. Leading to a well-rounded crypto portfolio for the company.

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