DeFi共同基金Sheesha Finance融资940万美元

Sheesha Finance, a decentralized finance mutual fund based in the United Arab Emirates, 提出了 $9.44 million over a two-week token sale — underscoring heightened investor demand for DeFi applications.

The token sale, known as a liquidity generation event, or LGE, excluded private sales and early contribution bonuses, which allowed micro-investments of as little as 0.0001 醚 (ETH). 总共, LGE contributors doled out 3,171.31 ETH, valued at $6.35 百万, 和 7,769.43 币安币 (BNB), 价值 $3.08 百万.

Investors who contributed to the LGE can claim their liquidity provider tokens for staking in exchange for the native SHEESHA token. Holders of SHEESHA are eligible to receive rewards with every block mined.

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, founder of Sheesha Finance, credited the “strong support” from the DeFi community for his company’s initial success:

“With the strong support of the DeFi community, strategic advisors and partners onboard, we can provide exposure to reputable projects in the DeFi space while offering the best APY options for our ecosystem participants.”

Sheesha’s advisory board includes David Namdar, founding partner of Galaxy Digital; Stakehound CEO Albert Castellana; and Michael Terpin of Transform Group, 除其他外.

Sheesha is attempting to make DeFi more accessible to mainstream investors by creating “easily convertible assets” that can be used to gain exposure to both new and existing projects in the space. Decentralized finance remains one of the hottest verticals in the blockchain industry. DeFi protocols have locked in nearly $108 billion worth of assets, according to the latest industry figures.

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