Institutional demand for altcoin exposure has surged to record levels, with the altcoin market share now representing a record 35% of capital locked in crypto investment products.

According to CoinShares’ Sept. 7 Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly 报告, 几乎 40% of the past week’s inflows to digital asset investment products were allocated t instruments tracking altcoins.

而 $97.8 million was invested into crypto investment products combined between Aug. 30 and Sept. 3 to mark the sector’s third consecutive week of inflows, $38.9 million was invested into altcoin products.

This past week also saw a sizeable increase in institutional crypto investments, with the previous two weeks recording inflows of $24 万和 $21 million respectively.

Roughly 35% of capital invested in institutional crypto investment products is currently locked in instruments tracking assets other than Bitcoin — comprising a retest of the metric’s all-time high from May.

以太坊 (ETH) tracking products led the altcoin pack for the second week in a row, recording inflows of $14.4 百万, 一种 16.2% decrease from the previous week’s $17.2 百万.

There was a whopping 388% spike in weekly inflows for Solana (溶胶)-based products, with SOL products absorbing $13.2 百万. This coincided with the price of SOL gaining 37% 在同一时期.

CoinShares highlighted that inflows to Solana products doubled year-to-date (年初至今) this past week, 与 $25 million having been invested into SOL instruments during the entirety of 2021 迄今为止. SOL-based products now represent $44 million in total assets under management (AUM).

卡尔达诺 (有) 和波尔卡多 (点)-based funds also saw notable inflows of $6.5 万和 $2.7 million respectively.

比特币 (比特币) investment products bucked an eight-week trend of outflows - the longest streak on record for any digital asset product - after enjoying inflows of $58.9 million for the week. Despite the bullish shift in momentum, BTC investment products have posted outflows for 14 of the past 17 周数.

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According to CoinShares estimates, institutional asset managers currently represent a total AUM of $62.5 billion combined — nearing the record high of $66 billion posted during mid-May.

Top institutional asset manager Grayscale continues to dominate the competition, 代表 73% of the sector’s combined AUM with $46.2 十亿.