Soaring Treasury yields are worrying economists — But what does this mean for Bitcoin?

This week’s correction in the price of Bitcoin (比特币) showed that a market doesn’t go up in a straight line. 与此同时, another topic has been gaining attention, namely the big rise in the 10-year yields of U.S. government bonds.

In recent weeks, the 10-year Treasury yield of U.S. government bonds has surged by 35% 达到新的高度 1.44%, the highest point since the cross-asset crash in March 2020.

Treasury yield bounces from a 60-year low

我们. 10-Year Yield 1-week candle chart. 资源: 交易视图

The 10-year Treasury yield has been accelerating massively in recent weeks, similar to the run-up to the economic downturns in 2000 和 2008. 因此, rising yields are typically considered a signal of weakness for the economy and can have a big impact across many markets.

As the yields increase, governments must pay more for their underlying government bonds. This combed with the current economic conditions of the post-Covid era and record national debt are factors that are unsurprisingly worrying economists.

然而, looking at the chart above from a technical perspective, this entire run can still be considered as a simple bearish retest of the previous support level.

Such an example is shown by the previous attempt to test the resistance above. This could be happening here as well, where the rates will then drop back down from the 1.53% 水平. But it is important to keep an eye on this level because breaking through it can have a major impact on the markets.

The government bond yields also have an impact on mortgage markets. Given that the real estate market is massively overheated at the moment with people taking on massive debt to purchase homes, an increase in interest rates could pop this entire bubble similar to what happened in 2008.

然而, yields also impact other markets as gold often reacts to these moves as well. But is this time different? And how will Bitcoin respond to these potential macroeconomic shocks?

A weakening dollar vs. 比特币

我们. Dollar Currency Index 3-day chart. 资源: 交易视图

美元货币指数 (DXY) index continues to show weakness as yields are rising, which is generally good news for Bitcoin bulls. This suggests that investors are fleeing the dollar toward higher risk, higher reward investments, 例如比特币.

然而, from a technical perspective, the DXY saw a bearish retest at 91.50 points, followed by more downside for the USD, as seen in the chart above. 现在, a retest of the 90 points level is underway, with the primary question being whether this level will hold as support.

BTC/USD vs. DXY. 资源: 交易视图

不过, it’s debatable whether the rise in yields is having any direct effect on the price of Bitcoin, particularly in recent days. 与此同时, the DXY has often been inversely correlated with the price of Bitcoin, though this has been decreasing in recent months (see: below).

BTC rolling 90-day correlation vs. 美元, VIX, 金子, 小号&P500. 资源: 数字资产数据

Since the crash in March, this inverse relationship grew stronger until September 2020, as a weakening USD was accompanied by a major increase in BTC price.

当然, assets are only correlated until they aren’t, and many other factors can have a much bigger impact on BTC in the short term, 例如. miners or whales selling Bitcoin, government regulations, 等等.

Why is gold showing weakness?

Gold 3-day chart. 资源: 交易视图

The 3-day chart for gold price shows a clear-cut correction since August 2020. 更重要的是, the increase in yields or the weaker dollar has not impacted the gold market as much as Bitcoin’s.

Even with the recent surge in yields, people are not buying gold. 事实上, an increase in yields has historically not benefitted gold — at least not in the short term — because higher yields would make government bonds more attractive for funds to hold for settlement and as a risk-off asset in their portfolios.

When yields continue rising toward higher levels, 然而, the uncertainty surrounding the economy also increases, and investors typically begin to shift from the dollar to gold as a safe-haven. This was seen in the 1980s when yields ran toward 14% and gold also spiked to new all-time highs.

BTC has become increasingly important in macroeconomics

In the current state, 然而, falling gold prices may simply be an immediate reaction to the increase in yields in general. 然而, another possibility is that an increasing number of investors are opting for “数字黄金” instead of the precious metal, not only because of the higher upside potential, i.e. risk-reward but also because these positions can be liquidated much easier.

但, another possibility is that an increasing number of investors are preferring “数字黄金” to the precious metal — not only because of the higher upside potential but also because these positions can be liquidated much easier on digital trading platforms.

今天, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is still only 7-10% 的黄金, which highlights this massive upside potential.

因此, the macro conclusion that can be drawn is that the markets are becoming increasingly uncertain about the economy’s and the dollar’s future, as exemplified by the rising 10-year Treasury yields. 然而, it’s still too early to write off the recent correction in BTC price to this macroeconomic development as multiple other variables are at play.

最终, the rising yields and a weakening dollar is an exciting development to keep an eye on moving forward. With Bitcoin becoming an increasingly important player in the macroeconomic environment, 摩根大通的策略师, 例如, say BTC may continue to eat away at gold’s market share. This will likely result in an even higher valuation for Bitcoin, particularly in the event of another economic crisis at the expense of gold.

在十二月 2020, the JPMorgan strategists noted:

“机构投资者开始采用比特币才刚刚开始, 而黄金, 机构投资者对它的采用非常先进. 如果这个中长期的论文证明是正确的, 未来几年,金价将受到结构性阻力。”

这里表达的观点和意见仅是 作者 并不一定反映Cointelegraph的观点. 每笔投资和交易动作都涉及风险. 您在做出决定时应该进行自己的研究.

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