South Korean gov’t makes $10.5M profit from 4-year-old Bitcoin crime haul

South Korean prosecutors have finally sold a Bitcoin (比特币) haul they confiscated from a criminal in 2017 这是值得的 $10.5 million more than it was at the time of the arrest. The cash has reportedly been deposited in the coffers of the country’s national treasury.

According to reports coming out of the Suwon District Prosecutors Office, this is the first time confiscated Bitcoin has been sold by authorities, and the first time the coins in question have moved since being put into cold storage in 2017.

Originally worth $238,000 at the time of the confiscation, the coins were recently sold for a sum of $10.8 百万, 标记一个 4,400% increase in value in four years. Based on that percentage growth, we can assume that Bitcoin was priced at around $1,300 when the arrest was made, close to April 2017.

With no specific cryptocurrency laws or regulations in place at the time, authorities left the coins in cold storage. 三月下旬, 韩国政府首次颁布了广泛的加密专用法律, 向交易所和虚拟资产服务提供商施加更大的压力,使其使用实名交易帐户并将其活动报告给韩国的金融情报部门. Prosecutors reportedly sold the coins as soon as the laws were put into place on March 25.

South Korea’s determination to regulate the cryptocurrency space stems from revelations regarding crypto’s use by tax evaders, and the evergreen concerns surrounding money-laundering. 在一月 2022, new laws will come into force that levy a 20% capital gains tax on profits made from cryptocurrency trading.

The National Tax Service of South Korea claimed the number of cryptocurrency investors rose 25% 在过去的一年, 导致 800% increase to overall trade volume.

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