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Bitcoin price remained in a positive zone above the $39,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to climb further higher above $40,500 和 $41,000.

  • Bitcoin is trading nicely above the $38,200 和 $38,500 支持水平.
  • 价格现在远高于 $38,000 和 100 每小时简单移动平均线.
  • 有一个关键的收缩三角形形成,阻力接近 $40,200 在BTC / USD货币对的小时图上 (来自Kraken的数据馈送).
  • The pair is likely to gain bullish momentum if it clears $40,200 和 $40,500.

Bitcoin Price Eyes More Upsides

Bitcoin price started a fresh increase from the $36,500 支撑区. BTC remained well bid above the $37,000 level and it gained pace above the $38,000 水平.

The price even spiked above the $40,000 level and it settled above the 100 每小时简单移动平均线. 在附近形成高点 $40,930 and the price is now consolidating gains. It corrected below the $40,000 支持水平.

在下面有一个休息 23.6% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $36,397 摆动低到 $40,930 高. It is now holding the $39,000 支持水平. 还有一个关键的收缩三角形形成,阻力接近 $40,200 在BTC / USD货币对的小时图上.


资源: BTCUSD在TradingView.com

If there is an upside break above the $40,200 阻力区, there are chances of more upsides. 下一个主要阻力位于 $40,800 和 $41,000 等级. A close above $41,000 could trigger a steady increase towards the $42,000 水平.

Dip Supported in BTC?

If bitcoin fails to climb above the $40,200 和 $40,500 抵抗水平, 它可能会开始另一个下行修正. 下行方面的初步支撑接近 $39,400 水平和三角形下降趋势线.

The first major support is now near the $38,600 区. 它靠近 50% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $36,397 摆动低到 $40,930 高. A clear downside break below the $38,600 support might call for a move towards the $37,600 水平. 下一个主要支撑位在 $37,200 区.


Hourly MACD – The MACD is likely to gain pace in the bullish zone.

每小时RSI (相对强度指数) – The RSI for BTC/USD is now above the 50 水平.

主要支持级别– $38,600, 其次是 $38,000.

主要抵抗水平– $40,200, $40,500 和 $42,000.

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