TA: 以太坊巩固以上 $2,050, 这就是公牛保持控制的原因

Ethereum corrected lower below $2,100 兑美元, but stayed above $2,050. ETH price is likely to start a fresh increase as long as it is above the $2,000 支持.

  • Ethereum is showing signs of a fresh increase above $2,120 和 $2,150.
  • The price is now trading nicely above the $2,080 支持与 100 每小时简单移动平均线.
  • There is a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near $2,120 在ETH / USD的小时图上 (通过Kraken提供数据).
  • 该货币对可能继续走高至 $2,120 和 $2,150 levels in the near term.

Ethereum Price Remains In Uptrend

After setting a new all-time high near $2,150, Ethereum started a downside correction. ETH traded below the $2,120 和 $2,100 支持水平.

然而, the bulls were active near the $2,050 支撑区和 100 每小时简单移动平均线. A low was formed near $2,050 before the price climbed higher. The recent swing high was near $2,132 and the low was formed near $2,083.

Ether is now rising and trading above $2,100. 突破了 50% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,132 高到 $2,083 低.

It seems like there is a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near $2,120 在ETH / USD的小时图上. The triangle resistance is close to the 61.8% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,132 高到 $2,083 低.


资源: ETHUSD在TradingView.com

A successful break above the triangle resistance could open the doors for a fresh increase above $2,150. 在所述情况下, the price is likely to rally towards $2,200 要么 $2,250. The next key barrier for the bulls could be $2,320.

Downside Breaks in ETH?

如果以太坊无法清除 $2,120 抵抗性, 它可能会降低. The first major support is now forming near the $2,080 水平和三角形下降趋势线.

主要支撑仍在附近 $2,050 水平和 100 每小时简单移动平均线. Any more losses might call for a test of the $2,000 支持, below which the price might test the $1,920 level in the coming sessions.


每小时MACDETH / USD的MACD在看涨区域缓慢增长.

每小时RSIThe RSI for ETH/USD is now just above the 50 水平.

主要支持水平– $2,050

主要抵抗水平– $2,120

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